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Thu. Dec 11, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

J&M Behind the Scenes Recap 2014!!

Ooooh it is that time again! Another season has come & gone. We have closed down for the month of December. And that has been giving us some time to look back on this past year at all of the amazing engagements, weddings & shoots we got to be a part of, all of the wonderful places in the world this job of ours took us (Germany, Antigua, California, Colorado, just to name a few!), and all of the incredible people (heyyyyy J&M Brides!) we got to meet along the way.

It is also the time of year where we can look back at all the shenanigans we got up to behind the camera in making those shoots happen.

This is one of my favorite posts of the whole year because it gives me the chance to look back through the whole year and stand in wonder at every good thing that has happened (and remember Who every good thing come from) rather than it all just be a blur and then be on to the next thing! And it also gives me the chance to remember just how very lucky I am to do this all side by side & shoulder to shoulder with my very best friend and the cutest boy in the world.

So here it is, our 2014 Behind the Scenes Recap! Try not to be jealous of all our utter coolness, especially when you see that very last shot! :) (hint: it's the exact opposite of cool!) Since this post is so massive, we've broken it up into some very appropriately named categories, as you'll see below!

Cheers to an incredible year you guys!

**First up, we call this first section, "This is how we DO, New England Style!!"

There WILL be lobsters on my clothes, do not be concerned. I'm from Connecticut, not crazy.

Polka dots and plaid.

Navy & white is my jam.

Polka & pink. Real men wear pink! :)

Striped sweaters & puffers for those chillier months.

Next up is our "Anything to get the shot!" category. We'll wade right into the water, get down in the grass....

We'll shoot one handed while we share a bottle of wine with our couples...obviously!

We'll shoot in tight spaces....

We'll shoot in the rain....

Like, a LOT of rain!!

We'll shoot in high heels boots on the snow.

We'll actually get IN the fountain...

We'll wrap ourselves around this random post because that's where the angle needs to be.

We'll create makeshift backdrops...

And we'll get dangerously close to the cliffs (even when warned against it)!!

This next section is our "Profoto on the GO-GO" category!

Really on the go in NYC.

True story: this nearly turned into a Mary Poppins moment. Chim Chimeroo. But it's really good in case of rain.

And Profoto on the go to these awesome steps in Chicago!

Which leads me into our next section...."Oh the places you'll go"!! On location in the Garden of the Gods, CO.

The top of Foss Mountain in NH for sunset.

A catamaran in Antigua with one of my all time favorite J&M Brides, Lauren Wakefield!

The shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago. With a bird.

On our own personal sailboat for the day in Rockport, Maine.

And on an almost totally frozen Belle was beautiful!!

Next up is our "Justin looking dapper" category! Naturally!

One handed. Just how he rolls!

But he always makes time to groom the next generation of photographers!

Laid back J.Crew for those more casual days.

Suspenders and satchels for the win.

And when in doubt, add a sailboat and a puffer vest in Nantucket! Plus that adorable smile! :)

His trusty Fuji with the leather strap.

This brings me to our "Stuff that happens at weddings" category. Bridal party of 20? NO problem! Big groups totally think I'm funny! Totally.

Do that thing that makes your heart smile.

The Well Groomed Groom.

Breaking out the longer lenses.

Ride along on the party bus!


Group photos with our AMAZING J&M Couples, like these two- Rene & John, who were one of our absolute FAVORITES!!

Mazel, Mazel.

Light testing for epic room shots.

More light testing. And more polka dots!!

Photo booth fun! Even better if there are shark heads. Actually, there should always be shark heads.

Annnnnnnd then there's.......THIS. Which I'm pretty sure gets a category all it's own. :)

Happy Friday Friends!!

Wed. Nov 19, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Chicago Wedding at Salvage One: Sheila & Jon

Happy Wednesday!

Today we have for you the absolutely gorgeous Chicago wedding of Sheila & Jon at Salvage One!

Salvage One is actually this very cool antique shop turned wedding venue, and one of the most amazing things about it is that because it is still an active store with new stuff coming in all the time....the decor is constantly changing! It's new every weekend! How fun is that?!

These two got married on an absolutely perfect day, and what made it the most special was how these two love. How they love each other, how they love their families, how they love everyone lucky enough to find their way into their world. This was one of those days that was oh so pretty, but so much more was a day that was beautiful. And that beauty pours right out of Sheila & Jon's hearts and beams out all around them. It fills the room until you can fill the light and the warmth on your face.

I loved how the girls laughed all morning long. I loved the tears that poured freely during the ceremony. I loved the hugs. And the group prayers. And the cupcakes. And how everybody, everybody was burning up the dance floor.

There is this thing that makes a wedding special and it is nothing that you can buy or hire or decorate. It comes from two truly good people starting a life together and two hearts like that being creates the kind of explosion of goodness that sends ripple effects and shock waves to everyone who feels it. And it reminds them to love a little more and hug a little tighter too.

That's why the world needs a love like this. And we're just the lucky ones who got to capture it that day.

Sheila & Jon, there are just no words for how much we LOVE the two of you! Yours is the kind of love that the world will always remember, We certainly will.

SO much love to both of you!

Mon. Nov 17, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Chicago Wedding at The Bedford: Nicole & Jeff

Happy Monday!

We are so excited to kick off this week with Nicole & Jeff's Chicago wedding at The Bedford! As you might remember from their engagement shoot, Nicole & I first met in law school when she was my Yale Law Women's Big Sister. She was a year ahead of me & really took me under her wing that first scary year of law school, not to mention getting me involved with the Yale Law Revue (not to be confused with the Yale Law Review, the school's journal)...this was more think Saturday Night Live, but with law jokes & skits about professors. It was amazing! And we bonded over our mutual love of doing the Weekend Report. She was & is the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey!

Fast forward a few years & when Nicole told us she was getting married in Chicago and we had to be the photographers, it was like life had come full circle! These guys got married on a beautiful Chicago fall day! They did the getting ready at their house, we did a First Look right outside and then we headed over to the Northwestern Law campus to shoot all around their gorgeous archways & ivy. The light was perfect, the temperature was perfect, and these two were perfect! :)

After that we headed off to the ceremony & then to The Bedford, which is this gorgeous old bank vault turned wedding venue, where we did some more photos of them & then got this party started! It was one of the most fun groups we've ever seen & even the kids were burning up the dance floor! One my favorite parts of the whole night was when Jeff surprised Nicole by singing a song to her while playing guitar. Everyone in the room was blown away & it was so clear in that moment that his heart is just for her!

Nicole & Jeff we love you guys & we are SO grateful we got to be there with you that day! We wish you a lifetime of slow dances, surprise songs, and laughs worthy of the Law Revue! :)

SO much love,

Fri. Nov 14, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Friday Notes

Happy Friday!

We are finally back home & catching our breath after a couple of whirlwind weeks including not one, but TWO Walk Through a Weddings! Whew! It's been an amazing time, but we are definitely ready to sit and sip coffee, crank everything out, close out our season strong, and get ourselves ready to take most of December off (Amen!)

It feels like life has been moving warp speed fast, so I thought in the midst of all that I would get you caught up on what's new with us. Here are just a few random thoughts on life lately:

*We watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls in one month, starting it on October 1st and finishing just in time the morning of Halloween! We were mostly watching it while editing or getting other work done, so that totally makes it ok! :)
*Lately I'm obsessed with Justin's homemade egg, bacon mcmuffins and I could eat them every day.
*Speaking of which, Justin is definitely the chef in our family! I could find a way to burn water!
*A little while back we finally got around to pulling up the nasty carpet on our first floor stairs that has probably been there since 1882. We now have plans to refinish them ourselves and I'm hoping to blog pictures of that soon!
*Our guilty pleasure lately is definitely Nashville. Ohhh that SHOW! So. much. drama. But I totally wish I could be BFF's with Rayna James.
*Justin always gives me the window seat when we fly. That's how I know he loves me! :)
*Pumpkin Buttercream & Apple Cider are the Yankee Candles that are on repeat in our house lately. I burn them approximately 23 hours a day.
*I'm really itching to put out our Christmas decorations already, but we have a "Day After Thanksgiving" rule. When do you guys put up your decorations??
*We just discovered Postmodern Jukebox and we can't get enough!
*Deciding on what to wear for new head shots is the toughest thing ever. Actually, writing your about page is the toughest thing ever, but head shots are a close second!
*I have a mild obsession with those Pottery Barn lambswool/cable knit blankets and I wish I had one in every room!
*Phantom wine is my jam & I'll be really sad when it goes back out of season next month!
*Chicken & red pepper pizza from Pepe's. That is all.

Next week, we have SO much exciting stuff coming to the blog including not one but TWO Chicago weddings and several super exciting announcements. So definitely stay tuned. But in the mean time, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend filled with Yankee Candles, home projects & amazing tv! :)

Happy Friday!

Thu. Oct 30, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Chicago Engagement Shoot: Sophie & Zach

Happy Thursday!

We got to hang out with this amazing couple, Sophie & Zach, when we were out in Chicago earlier this month and we had the BEST time with them! Not only are they so great together with this natural ease between them that made shooting them a DREAM, but they are also just a ton of fun too! After our shoot all around the planetarium and natural history museum, we hung out with them over fried pickles and wine and talked about everything from amazing movies to good books to them introducing us to the incredibleness that is Postmodern Jukebox (google them, trust me you won't regret it!) Sophie & Zach are just the kind of couple you want to be friends with and hang out with on the weekend! And that's our favorite kind of couple to have! So now we are even more excited than ever for their BIG day next year! Until then, here are just a few favorites of our time with them. Enjoy!


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