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Mon. Dec 17, 2012 by Mary    The Latest

Join us on Showit LIVE Tonight!!

Good morning & Happy Monday!

Today we are running around like crazy people getting ready for "The Big Next" on Showit LIVE which kicks off tonight with a little meet & green intro session with Justin & I, where we will tell all of you at home what you'll need to do to take part in the event over the next two days so you can get to work on your own BIG Next as well as get in on all those giveaways!! We'll start broadcasting at 5pm EST tonight with Kevin Sturm doing a little interview of us, and then that will be followed by a cocktail reception we're hosting for all of our in-studio attendees. We're going to keep the cameras rolling during that time, so feel free to grab a glass of wine and join us!

Then for the next two days, we are going to be walking through step by step with each of our six attendees as they go after their own Big Nexts. We have intentionally chosen people from very different places in their lives & businesses so that they can help represent all of you guys at home. We are going to be doing LIVE on air mentoring sessions with each of them, as well as working as a group, as we address all of the hurdles that are standing in their way and challenge them to push past their fear to what's next. But we also need all of you guys. We have structured the whole format so that you can follow along right at home, asking yourself the same questions and doing the same work right alongside us. And we're going to be asking all of you to chime in as well with your fears, struggles, and big hairy audacious goals! So as you can see. We're all in this....together.

I have posted the full schedule for our first full day on Tuesday below so you know when to tune in, and I'll be posting the full schedule for Wednesday tomorrow. But just know that it will also be 12-6pm EST. It's going to be a crazy few days! So while I'm thinking of it, prayers, thoughts, crossed crossable, good vibes, and excellent mojo are all appreciated!


This is it. Don't get scared now.

Monday, December 17th
5:00pm Intro meet & greet with J&M followed by cocktail reception for attendees. Tune in to find out what you need to do to take part, as well as win those giveaways!!

Tuesday December 18th
12:00 Intro- Why What’s Next Matters & the 7 steps from “To Do” to Done.
12:15 Attendees Introduce themselves, tell us what their Big Next is (at home audience tells us theirs as well)
12:30 Dreamer v. Doer & the 5 Things that Get in the Way
12:45 What are you afraid of? (at home audience weighs in too)

1:00 Mentoring w/ Gabrielle- Just Getting Started
-Maximizing the outputs for your inputs
-What you need to gross v. bring home (at home audience participation)
-What you’re making v. what you’re charging
-No inquiries, now what?
-Focus & Discipline
-Trust marketing- website review

2:00 Mentoring w/ Eryn- Mom of 3, ready to focus on her business
-The swirling vortex of just maintaining
-Brain dumps & Win the Day (at home audience participation)
-What you really want v. what you’re “supposed” to want
-The “why” of barely get by
-Connection marketing- website review

3:00 BREAK
3:15 Katelyn James in the HOUSE!!
-One week workflow
-Monthly Duty days
-The Big List
-Client Plus Sites
-Katelyn Workshop giveaway!!

4:30 Mentoring w/ Kori- Part of a husband & wife duo, ready to rock the experience
-The Ideal Client
-Saying no to something good, to be able to say yes to something GREAT.
-Knowing your gaps: What should you let go of?
-Breaking down the overwhelming: creating small actionable steps (at home audience participation)
-Experiential marketing- website & client experience review

5:30 Wrap up, homework assignments for Day 2, Q&A
6:00 End of Day 1


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