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Thu. Oct 4, 2012 by Mary    Pancake Sessions

The Board of Life Advisors

There is a saying that goes, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

And I think it's so true. I mean, I don't know if it's exactly 5 or not. It may be 4, it may be 7.

But the point is. the attitudes, ideas, actions and integrity that surround you on a daily basis can't help but sink in and influence your own actions, attitude and ideas as well.

It's a lot like this idea that Joel Osteen talks about of the difference between Eagles and the Crows. He says that the eagles, they just go out and they fly as high as they can. They don't complain about it or wish that they could. They just do it, because that's what they were born to do. While the crows, on the other hand, sit around on the ground squawking about how they can't fly very high and complaining about the eagles that do. And I think that as people we're a lot like that too. We all have it in us to be either Eagles or Crows. It's just up to us to choose.

But if we surround ourselves with people who are Crows, what is it that we're going to be more likely to choose? And if, instead, we surround ourselves with Eagles... isn't it all the more likely that we will go out and fly.

Enter the idea of the Board of Life Directors.

The idea is not ours. We are just lucky enough to be part of it.

A short while back, our really good friends Liz & Ryan emailed and asked us if we would be a part of their Board of Life Directors (along with the AMAZING Natalie Franke of Bayside Bride)

Along with the email, they included the two things they are really seeking from their members:

1. Support us and encourage others in living an AMAZING life.

Our lives are short and are not meant to be lived in stress, working jobs we are not passionate about, or living some else's dream. As a member of our board of life directors you are already living your own AMAZING life, we only ask that you help us to encourage others to do the same. We would love your continued support and feedback on additions to our AMAZING Life Manifesto, ways to improve our message and ideas on how to help others live their own AMAZING life.

2. Provide us with true and honest feedback

In order to grow as a business and a couple we need people that are willing to provide us with true and honest feedback. People that are not afraid to tell us when an idea with think is amazing may actually be off the mark. People that will keep us in check and push us each day to live better, follow our dreams, and never give up. Only with true and honest feedback, will we be able to improve our business, our brand, our message, our life, and the lives of others.

And I just LOVE this idea. Because what it means, is that even if in our day to day life we are surrounded by (absolutely overwhelmed by) Crows....even if we have spent our whole life with the people who are in our own families or our own towns telling us that we are not good enough or we'll never fly that high...the Board of Life Directors allows us to choose which voices we're going to allow into our worlds. And thereby decide who it is that we spend the most time with. Because even if the "Crows" are right down the street from us, and the Eagles that we want to have in our life are scattered all across the country and the world....we still get to make the choice about who we are spending the most time with because we get to decide which messages we allow in.

And what I believe is that when we have those Eagles pouring in to us both by their words and attitudes daily, as well as leading us by their example....then there is no limit to how high we can fly.

So we now have our official badges of membership :) to the Liz & Ryan Board of Life Directors, and the really cool thing is that Liz & Ryan are members of our own board as well. So we can now pour into and challenge each other. And what I know, is that if these two can become 2 of the 5 (or 10) people that we spend the most time with...

then I know our average has already been increased ten fold.

I would love for you guys to hop over to Liz & Ryan's blog today to read more about how the whole idea came to be and what they're hoping for their board.

And then for your own homework for the day :) I want you to make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with (the ones that you allow into your world) right now. And then ask yourself if there needs to be a change up.

Rock it out


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