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Thu. Sep 6, 2012 by Mary    The Latest

The J&M Lighting Intensive: Announcing San Francisco!

This morning, in a fit of being overcome by the sheer chaos of it all and yes-perhaps-just a little bit disgusted at the squalor in which he found his wife living, Justin decided to undertake the very dangerous and haz-mat worthy task of cleaning out my purse for me.

In it, he found the following:

a melted, globular plastic-wrapped piece of a thing that apparently used to be string cheese, three buttons....none of them matching, seven pens, six sticks of gum, four tubes of lip gloss all of them nearly empty, a single loose almond, enough aspirin-vitamins- and cough drops to stock an entire medicine cabinet, a roll of teal ribbon, whitening strips, and one peanut butter protein bar stuck to some business cards at the bottom.


The lesson to be learned here: I would be a hot, hot mess without him.

And, in other my husband can fix anything news, we are so SO excited to announce that we will be bringing our J&M Lighting Intensive to one stop on the west coast this Fall in San Francisco on October 22nd!! Where I fully plan on wearing flowers in my hair....and eating Rice-a-Roni. Which I will then promptly leave somewhere in my purse for Justin to find. :) If you are anywhere on the west coast, we would LOVE to have you join us & you can find out all the info you need and grab your spot by going HERE. Most of our Lighting Intensives have sold out at this point, so be sure not to wait too long. We hope to see you there!!

What is the J&M Lighting Intensive?
The formula is simple. It's a five hour, super-intensive, incredibly hands-on lighting extravaganza with one goal in mind: no one goes home that night until they convince us they are 100% more confident that they could fully rock their flash at their next shoot. We'll show you our complete approach for on-camera & off-camera set ups (Including our basic one-light set up and more advanced lighting, incorporating multiple set ups and other light modifiers), and then we'll get to the real work: working side by side with you as you use your camera and your flash to achieve the same results. We'll have several table set ups and models available, so there'll be plenty to shoot. And we're keeping space incredibly limited to make sure we can work with you until every question is answered. But one thing is certain. You will be using these set ups by the end of the night & you'll go home with a working knowledge for how to rock the light no matter the situation. Dark rooms, brown walls, pink uplighting....we got you covered! And yes, I know, words like "hands-on" and "intensive" can be really scary in you're flash-phobic like I used to be. Again I get it, I really do. But like Justin always told're only going to learn to swim if you're brave enough to go in the water. We hope to see you there!


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