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Wed. Sep 5, 2012 by Mary    The Latest

Speaking at The First Ever Dutch Wedding Congress

Once when I was little, my mom, grandma & I took this road trip from West Virginia all the way up to Seabrook, New Hampshire.

I am here to tell you that, at that time at least, there was not much to see or do in Seabrook, New Hampshire. I mean, it's main tourist attractions were the nuclear power plant and the greyhound dog races. But I didn't care.

We were on an adventure.

On the way up, I made my mom stop at every "Now entering..." or "Welcome to..." state sign along the way. Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and finally...New Hampshire. I was welcomed to the First State, confused by the lack of gardens in the Garden State, and somehow felt myself feel at home in the Nutmeg State. I kept a big, fat yellow highlighter with me in the back seat and charted our course as we went along, painstakingly recording our progress across the scattered pages of a Rand McNally atlas. Remember how we used to have to use actual maps to get where we were going? How we had to think, and look, and really see? Sure we may have gotten turned around a couple of times in the course of finding our way. But we didn't care.

We were on an adventure

When we finally got to New Hampshire, and I stood out on that chalky coast staring out at a cement mixer new england sky....I felt like I had joined the ranks of the great explorers. I had traveled fifteen hours from home, by car, and now here I stood at the edge of the world. This was a great accomplishment for a girl from a trailer in West Virginia, who had only ever seen the sweeping rise and fall of a North Atlantic coastline on page 57 of her Rand McNally atlas.

And I think that was the day, with the chill salt air whipping at my face, that I fell in love with adventure. The day that I began to really understand the quote:

"Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all."

These days there is no shortage of adventure in our lives. In fact, some days it feels like there might just be just a little too much. But do you wanna know what?

I still stop. And I marvel.

Awe struck and breathless, I still stand out on the edge of the world in disbelief that this life is the adventure of our choosing. And I never want to lose that.

I never want to forget what it felt like to stand in front of that Welcome to New Hampshire sign, and feel like I had truly arrived.

And I never want to stop charting our own course, even if it means getting turned around a little along the way.

Because we, we are on an adventure. And we've made a life out of that.

Today we are BEYOND honored, humbled and thrilled to announce that we have been asked to speak at the first ever Dutch Wedding Congress that will take place in the Netherlands this coming February 4-5th. It is an event planned for the entire wedding industry in Europe to come together, learn from one another, and lift each other up. And we can't wait to be part of it! It's just a little bit further out than Seabrook, NH....but just so there isn't any doubt, I still fully intend on getting my picture taken with the Welcome to Amsterdam sign. :) And I'll probably pack my atlas & highlighter in my carry on too. If you are anywhere near the area, we would LOVE to have you join us. You can find all the info you'll need by clicking HERE.

Here's to living the adventure,


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