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Mon. May 28, 2012 by Mary    Spread the Love

The StillMotion Share Project

I've always been a fan of good stories.

Growing up in West Virginia, sitting on a front porch swing or around a good bonfire with some homemade marshmallow sticks, telling stories was pretty much a way of life. An art form. The unofficial state past time. (Well, that and watching WVU whoop up on Pitt. Amen.) And from years and years of listening to other people tell their stories, somewhere along the line I learned how to start telling mine.

A good story makes you feel something. And, it makes you feel like you were right there. It takes you along for the journey, puts you right in the action, and when it's all said and done....the best stories will change you. Charge you. Call you to do higher things.

It's this kind of story that I'd like to share with you today.

Our amazing friends at StillMotion have just launched a new project that they are calling "Share." A grassroots initiative to tell stories that matter. In their own words:

We had considered donating a percentage of our profits to the many good causes out there, but it always felt like we could do more. With that, the idea of Share was born. Rather than donating a percentage of our profits, we thought, what if we donated a percentage of our time. In doing so, we could tell stories that could reach and help in a much bigger way than any single donation we might make.

Our first story is for Old Skool Cafe, a youth run supper club. Teresa, the first heart behind Old Skool, was a correctional officer who was really affected by how few options there are for youth after they have entered the system. She would get so connected to many of the youth with the time she spent with them inside of prison. Sadly, many ended up right back inside shortly after being released. The environment many of these youth come from, and the environment which they are released into gives them little chance of breaking free. Teresa wanted to created a way out, another options that could offer these youth a positive community support system as well as an income. With that, and 8 long years of hard work, Old Skool Cafe was born.

We started Share because we wanted to give back. we wanted to help illuminate some very valuable causes or projects that need to be seen by larger audiences. What we didn’t fully expect, was just how much we would gain from the experience. We’ve long said that the process of filmmaking is as valuable as the result itself, and nowhere is that more apparent than the creation of this film.

stillmotion: Share. a story a year.

Every year stillmotion will take on one cause and tell their story on a 100% volunteer basis.

if you have an idea for a story that needs to be told, whether that is your story or one you know of, please email

if you’d like to lend your support and get involved in Share, whether that be in your time or skills, you can also email

And even if you don't know of another story, you can help by spreading this one. Just by doing what the project says, and Share.

With HUGE thanks to folks at still motion for being the amazing hearts that they are!
So much love,


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