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Thu. Sep 30, 2010 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: Social Networking

Twitter, Facebook, this Blog....we say bring it on!! Because as much work as it can be, we love us some good social networking. Truth be told, all of the biggest and best things that are happening for us right now are in one way or another because of social networking. And how it allows all of us to reach people. Well not just reach...reaching is just the half of it. To connect with people. Because in one way or another social networking probably brought us to all of you... and therefore to all of the AMAZING friendships that have come out of that. So we are forever grateful to the internet for that. And I just want you to know that I swear on my life, that I will never EVER throw a sheep at any one of you. :)

So given this love of social networking, it was clear from the moment we saw previews for The Social Network what was going to be up next for date night! :) Clearly.

"You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies." True that.

And speaking of connecting, if we aren't friends yet hit us up on Mary's page, Justin's page and Julia's page. And oh yea, if you really like us click HERE.

Thu. Sep 30, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Spa at Norwich Inn Wedding: Tiffany & Charlie (Part II)

And now....Part II of Tiffany & Charlie's gorgeous Spa at Norwich Inn wedding! We pick back up with the ten minute rule in full effect!

The wedding party was WORKING it!!

More gorgeous blooms from Miss Yumiko!

We hopped on the trolley for a quick ride over to the Spa at Norwich Inn

Where we got these two all to ourselves.


Tiffany you are stunning!

T&C had a custom drink called the Cherry Blossom in honor of their DC home. Look how pretty it is!

LOVE this set! It is so old south to me!

All those Killer Details! Because Charlie proposed with a message in a bottle down in DC, T&C spent hours making custom messages in a bottle for all their guests. Each one had a different quote about love on it and all the aging was done by hand by the bride & groom. Now that's some kind of DIY!

The original message in a bottle that started it all.

LOVED this wish tree Yumiko did!

Seriously, how talented is Yumiko? She blows me away every single time!

Huge shout out to Donna of Creative Cakes for rockin out this gorgeous cake for T&C

First Dance

So Tiffany & Charlie did a lil something different here and had their own version of the Very-Newlywed Game. They were asked questions and had to hold up their signs to either say it was more like Tiffany or more like Charlie. If they both answered the same, Charlie got to take a step toward his new bride. If they answered opposite, he had to take a step toward the Best Man.

And whoever he got to first, he had to kiss....

....Let's just say, Charlie lost!

Toast time!

How fun is she?? Love!

So remember that second dress I told you about? Well at the end of the night the band announced the last dance and had everyone circle up. But Tiffany was nowhere to be found. Just as Charlie started looking for her, she walked in in that stunning ice blue Priscilla of Boston getaway dress. It was the showstopper of the night! :) LOVE Charlie's reaction!

Georgetown Cupcakes (brought in all the way from DC) to end the night!!

The End!

Wed. Sep 29, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Spa at Norwich Inn Wedding: Tiffany & Charlie (Part I)

Happy Wednesday afternoon! To celebrate being more than halfway through the workweek, we thought we'd just go ahead and show ya the classic elegance and awesomeness that was Tiffany & Charlie's Spa at Norwich Inn wedding. These two were married on a day where golden light and happily ever after abounded. Where joy reigned and real love was all around. Where boy meets girl, boy marries girl was not just something you say. But love in real life staring you right in the face. And we are just the photographers who got to capture it. And honestly, it makes us feel like the luckiest people on the planet.

Married: Tiffany & Charlie

T&C, you know there are no words for how much we love you. From the very first phone call to the hugs at the end of the night, you had us at hello. We wish for you a lifetime of golden light and happily ever after. Because you are the kind of people who deserve it every single day.

So much love,

Tiffany had the coolest collection of something borrowed, something blue EVER.

So this will become more clear in Part II, but Tiffany had TWO (count em two) gorgeous dresses for the day. The first one was absolutely stunning and is what she wore throughout most of the day. How gorgeous is The Spa at Norwich Inn?

And then this show stopping custom Priscilla of Boston "getaway" dress came out a lil' later.

Gotta love it when Miss Kate Spade makes an appearance!

Yumiko of Hana Floral Design rockin the bouquet!

So this was really cool! Tiffany got a five year journal which she started on her wedding day to chart the first few years of marriage. This is her writing the first entry. LOOOOOOOVE this idea!

Justin went to chill with Charlie. And the chocolate factory.

Who was looking more dapper than should be legal!

Meanwhile, Tiffany's mom was ready to help her get into the dress.

Here we go.

LOVe this set!! The dress going on can be so much fun!

The light at The Spa is insane!


Tiffany, you glow. No honestly, you light up the room and everyone around you.

Miss &J2 grabbed this show stopper. And I'm completely jealous I didn't take it. Gah!

Off to the church on Connecticut College.

Here we go now.

This guy just makes me smile.


I introduce to you the new Mr & Mrs. But stay tuned, there is MUCH more coming in Part II of Tiffany & Charlie's Spa at Norwich Inn wedding!

Wed. Sep 29, 2010 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Irene & Tom

These two are getting married this weekend and we got together with them recently to do a quick engagement shoot and eat copious amounts of Indian food together! They are the absolute cutest! And I know you're gonna love them too!

Meet: Irene & Tom

**Huge thanks to the lovely Miss Jennie Fresa for making Irene looks extra gorgeous!

Raar Irene. Raaa-haaaar.

A little head bump, but it makes for the cutest laugh!

So Irene had wanted to stop and get flowers for the shoot but they hit some traffic and couldn't. So I threw together this lovely bouquet of weeds in a pinch! :)

Irene & Tom have this thing they do in pictures... :)

Then we hit up the sea wall for one of the most gorgeous sunsets of the year.

Irene you are so beautiful!

And Tom you are pretty raar worthy yourself!

And I'll end with an ode to Irene's FIERCE shoes! Seriously, how awesome are they?!

Stay tuned! Tiffany & Charlie's Norwich Inn wedding is warming up in the bull pen and ready to throw some heat! Or something like that! :)

Tue. Sep 28, 2010 by Mary    Life with J&M

Need A Break?

We were in need of a little break around here. To walk and to breathe. To count to ten. To regain patience and understanding. So we don't throw our computers out the window in the process. To put our to do list on hold for just a few minutes and for this moment

And we thought you guys might be in need of a break too.

Take a second to breathe and then get back at it. And as Justin said to me this morning, "one thing at a time."

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