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Tue. Sep 29, 2009 by Mary    The Latest

Happy Birthday Blog!!

We are on our way back from Rachel & Terry's wedding down south, but we just had to hop on real quick because it was ONE YEAR ago today that we launched this lil' ole blog of ours. Since that time, we've had over 7,000 comments, nearly half a million visits, and over 2 million page views!! Insane!

So we just wanted to thank you...ALL of you, whether you just found our blog or you've been with us from the very beginning....thank you for sharing our lives with us. Thank you for laughing with us and crying with us and just caring so much. Seriously, you have no idea what it's meant to us. And we are SO thankful to have friends like you along for the ride ahead and everything the next year brings!

We love you guys!

Sat. Sep 26, 2009 by Mary    The Latest

Oh. My. Gahhhhh.

Honestly and truly, there are no words to describe how mind blowingly amazing tonight's wedding was. It was the kind of wedding that makes you fall in love with photography...and love... all over again. So since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll just leave it at this:

More to come!!

Fri. Sep 25, 2009 by Mary    Portraits

Sneak Peek: Suzanne & Justin Day After

We are en route for our wedding this weekend in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia, and here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working on from our mobile command unit. Ok,'s just a lap top in a Mini but you get the idea! Speaking of the Mini and all things that are awesome... we got a flat yesterday on our way down and got stuck for the night in Clinton, NJ. Know what's in Clinton, NJ? A grist mill and a waterfall. And a Holiday Inn. Saw all three. Feeling very much like the world traveler. Thinking of hitting up Scranton, PA next.

This picture makes my heart happy. It feels very Paris meets boardwalk to me. And I happen to like both of those things. And ice cream. Can't forget ice cream.

Stay tuned. More to come!!

Thu. Sep 24, 2009 by Mary    Spread the Love


It was a Thursday just like any other Thursday. A cold North wind blew in off the water and rolled down lonely streets, leaving a chill in the air like a woman scorned. He ate his morning bagel and scrolled through Yahoo news. Nothin much to see here. Nothin much at all.

Just then a knock came at the door. And right then and for no explicable reason whatsoever, his inner dialogue suddenly became audible.

I opened the door and saw her standing there. She was a tall, cool drink of water indeed. Yea, she was worth a stare. But trust me, she was trouble. The kind of trouble that can make a man take out a loan to pay for his sins. Sure, she liked me. I could feel that. The way you feel when you know you've played a good hand or nailed a good kiss shot. Only, I soon found out that I wasn't the one playing her. She was there to play me.

In one hand she held a pumpkin spice latte, in the other a manilla folder marked top secret. She sashayed over to my desk like a cat on a hot tin roof. She was the kind of woman you treat like a cup of hot coffee. She'll scald you if you get to0 close. But still you want a taste. She tossed the folder on the desk, kissed me passionately....the kind of kiss that'll make your lips fall off...and then she was gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Ok, totally RANDOM I know!! But we wanted to do a blog post about Mini and their "Top Secret" Owners pack that they send out to all new MINI owners, and Justin says to me "just write something that sounds all Mission Impossible about the situation." So that's what I sat down to do, but for some reason I kept channeling Mr. Humphrey Bogart and some film noir action instead. So I just decided to run with it! So bear with me now!

When Justin & I first bought our MINI last summer, about two weeks later we received our "adventure field kit" in the mail. It had things like an antenna 8 ball, window poetry that's like refrigerator magnet poetry but for your car windows, a mouse pad covered in Minis, etc. And in the back of the kit, there is this flap that says "nothing to see behind this flap. Zero. Zip. And of course....Zilch."

So we didn't look!!!

It wasn't until about two weeks later and when our friend Shyla was like "oooh what's back here??" that we finally found it! It included some instructions (that we can't tell you about....well, unless you own a MINI. But then you'd already know!) and some super secret spy glasses that we would need for future use.

Well earlier this month, we were called into action. We received an email that told us to go get our glasses and await further instruction. The following is a play by play of what happened next.

First we had to read the encoded email to decipher the directions that we would need next. Then we had to go over to the bookshelf and pull the right books in the exact order specified. Once we did that, the bookcase swung open and we gained access to an entirely new customer lounge website with all sorts of new & exciting features.... Which we still can't tell you about!! :)

Justin & I talk about Mini a LOT when we give our talk "Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason." And I think you can see why! Their marketing & branding isn't just cool or pretty. It's REMARKABLE. The kind of marketing that makes you want to go out and tell everyone you know about it. The kind of marketing that turns you into an evangelist for them. The kind that makes you want to sit down and channel Casa Blanca just to TRY to capture the essence of how awesome it is. THIS is the gold standard of marketing & branding that we should all be striving for right here. Because in today's market you are either remarkable or you're forgotten. Period.

So I ask are YOU going to be remarkable today?

Wed. Sep 23, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Jessica & Lu

A cloud of hairspray hung heavy in the air as she paced the length of the house one more time. She was calm. She was cool. She was collected. But she missed... him. It didn't feel real without him. Everything was flying by around her and yet standing still. And all she could think about was getting to him.

A sea of white puffy clouds hung lightly in the sapphire sky and reflected in her eyes as she looked up to check her lip gloss one more time. She was calm. She was cool. She was collected. But she missed... him. It didn't feel real without him. Everything was flying by around her and yet standing still. And as the door opened and she stepped out into forever...

All she could think about was getting to him.

Married: Jessica & Lu

Jessica & Lu were married last month with a sky blue enough to rival Jessica's eyes. Well....y'know...almost! :) These two are so cute together that you just want to squeeze their cheeks. But, y' don't. Because that would be inappropriate!! Clearly! Jessica & Lu, we hope you guys are LOVIN the married life. Because it is a good life indeed!! Enjoy it...and enjoy each other!

So much love,

Check out this sparkly little brooch that Jessica put on her flowers. It belonged to her grandmother and I LOVE stuff life this!!

Gotta love some little blue boxes!

Helloooooooo GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, stunning!

Lu was lookin pretty dapper himself!

LOVE the anticipation on both of their faces at nearly the same moment.

Here we go!!

Love that little look Jessica's dad gave her!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (that's the sound of the angels singing right there!!

Just Married!!

Look at this hot-cha-cha bridal party. Work it out now!!!


We got ourselves some purrrty light!

Real purrty!!

So this speed boat goes by and everyone starts yelling congratulations, and Jessica just threw her bouquet up in the air like this. I LOVE fabulous moments like that!

First dance

The toasts were AWESOME!!!

The one given by Lu's sister and Woman of Honor should go in the toast record book. What? It exists!

Ok, how much do I love these two?? Kinda makes me want to fast forward 50 years so Justin & I can come even close to being this cute!!

Love this little whisper. Just when you thought no one was looking!

The End!! :)

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