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Mon. Sep 29, 2008 by Mary    Weddings

Welcome to our Brand Spankin' New Blogsite!!

That's right! It's a blog. It's a website. It's a blogsite!! And it's been over three months in the making....or 27 years depending on when you start counting. :)

First and foremost, we just want to give a HUGE shout out and a GREAT BIG bear hug thank you to Brock & Dave over at Infinet Design for totally rockin' our world! These guys are Ahhhhh-MAZING. A+++ plus plus plus plus plus PLUS! Seriously, we would give them such brilliant creative direction like "I dunno...could this somehow look...y'know cooler?" And they would just knock our cotton socks off everytime! They are both just such awesome guys and their customer service is CRAZY good! Honestly, even if I could round up all the gold stars from all the elementary school teachers in the WORLD it wouldn't be enough for these guys! We love them!!!

We also wanna give a GINORMOUS thank you to our beautiful friend Shyla for training all the way down from Boston to totally rock out our header pictures and video. And also for just being such a great support through this past week and being as excited about this as we are! You bless us more than you'll ever know!

Ok, so feel free to look around! There's TONS to see. The header has seven rotating video clips paired with seven rotating don't leave until you've seen all 49 combinations of that. :) Make sure you check out our super fun new galleries and our new video on the "about J&M" page. And definitely, definitely, definitely don't miss the "Stuff We Love" page. This is a page filled guessed it, stuff we love! You can hover over each icon to see what it is and also click on it to link to its website. We'll be constantly updating this with the latest movies, music, television, and simple things in life that we're loving right now. So keep checking back!

Finally, if you're a potential client who wants to get in touch with us, just check out the "info box" section for clients at the top of the page. That'll get you all set up!

***But now we need your help to start spreadin' the word about our new home on the internet!! So here's the deal... Go and blog about our new launch with a link back to us (or if you're a client and don't have a blog, just tell somebody else!) and then leave a message in the comment box below telling us you did, and we'll be picking some lucky winners at random to win some fatty B&H or iTunes gift cards!! So get blogging!

Fri. Sep 26, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Confessions of a Tone-Deaf Hairbrush Singer

The door closes behind him, as I prepare to take center stage. For the next twenty minutes while he runs to the store, our living room is no longer a living room but a packed venue filled with thousands of screaming fans.

My screaming fans.

I stand in the imaginary spotlight clutching my hairbrush microphone, as I wait for the music to begin. After what seems like an eternity, iTunes finally launches and syncs wirelessly to the speakers across the room. And the twangy chords of a banjo in a country song float happily through the air.

I belt out the lyrics and I rock out the chorus. I hold the high notes longer than Miss Carrie Underwood herself.

I dance, I shimmy, and I work that crowd like nobody's business.

I point, I high five, I jam with the bass player, Jim.

For one shining moment, I. AM. A. STAR. All the world's a stage and I alone hold the hairbrush microphone. I can already see my debut album skyrocketing to the top of the charts, and I make a mental note to start practicing my autograph. But just then iTunes quits unexpectedly, and reality sets in with a thud at the scary sound of my own voice without the benefit of a volume turned wayyyy up.

The packed arena quickly fades into nothing as the roar of ten thousand fans becomes merely a whisper; and once again the all too familiar sight of our own couch & chair comes back into focus. Truth is, I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket even if I had TWELVE buckets. Twelve buckets AND a wheel barrow... y'know like one of those industrial strength ones from Home Depot.

Never have, never will. But that sure doesn't stop me from dreaming. And as I turn back to see my husband, who was standing there in the doorway all along, he just smiles and says "Sing it again, darlin."

That's when I know... I've already got all the fans I'll ever need.

Fri. Sep 26, 2008 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Melanie & Alton

It was improv class. He still remembers the room. The first time he saw his Melanie.

Walking back into that empty room at the Second City Training Center some six years later, with the light streaming through the giant windows and highlighting dancing dots of dust floating down to the vacant row of chairs below, I could almost hear the haunts of their laughter from those first few days. As Melanie spun around the room into arabesques of heightening difficulty, it was as if she was somehow turning back the time. For just a moment, you could see the Melanie from six years ago dancing and twirling right alongside her. And it was not one, but two Alton's looking on. One looking adoringly at the woman who became his bride, and the other just seeing the love of his life for the very first time. And as I stood in that room, with past melting into present, I was overcome by a love that is sure to last the ages.

Meet: Melanie & Alton

We did this anniversary shoot with these guys while we were out in LA for Partner Con. They drove all the way up from San Diego to hang out with cool is that?! We just adore doing anniversary shoots so if you're looking to have one done, hit us up in the info box section!

Wed. Sep 24, 2008 by Mary    About J&M

Meet the Marantzes

He picks up our new Crate & Barrel Rococo stripe dish towel and snaps it lovingly in the general direction of my backside. My posterior. Derriere if you prefer.

"You wash, and I'll dry."

For us, this one simple statement has become much less about a division of labor and more like a mantra for life. He's the rock in our marriage, but he never forgets that rock would be nothing without the roll. And I'm that high wire tight rope walker, who always remembers how lucky she is to have him as her soft place to land. I'm up and I'm down and everywhere in between and he just stays the course, steadily pushing us, moving us further along the journey. He may be dirty dishes and kitchen cabinet doors standing wide open, but I'm three day old glasses of milk on the nightstand.

And for us, it just works. Because at the end of the day, we know we'll fix it all. Together. We're better together. We're stronger together. And together we know we can always count on...

"You wash, and I'll dry."

a photographer promo // meet justin + mary from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Justin & Mary are internationally traveled destination photographers, who call New England home. Justin is a 2003 graduate of the highly-acclaimed Rochester Institute of Technology, and Mary is a 2006 graduate of the Yale Law School. For more information on having them there to share with you on your day, please contact them through the "info box" section located at the top of the page. = have camera, will travel =


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