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Tue. Aug 30, 2011 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Ruffles & Tweed

Good morning & happy Wednesday!

Today allow me to introduce to you Ms. Adrienne O'Connor, the creative force behind the event design firm Ruffles & Tweed. We got together with Adrienne a little while back on Elihu Island to shoot some head shots and hang out with her for the evening. And besides some bugs that would make even the tracker jackers from The Hunger Games (oooh see what I did there....look at me gettin' all pop culture-y!!) look like a bunch of butterflies, it was an awesome evening indeed. And I'm SO psyched about what we got. I hope you enjoy!!

Meet: Adrienne of Ruffles & Tweed

Tue. Aug 30, 2011 by Mary    Weddings

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Annie & Uri

Good morning friends!!

On this fine Tuesday morning, I am so excited to share with you the absolutely stunning wedding of Annie & Uri that we just shot this Saturday at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. The week leading up to their wedding, Annie & Uri were busy making hurricane contingency plans. To ceremony inside or out? To see each other before or after (the hurricane hit)? And let's face it, the 20 foot tent was certainly out of the question.

As we all gathered in the bridal suite determined to make a go of it no matter what the day might hold, Annie was the picture of calm. Of quiet grace. Of fearless perseverence. And when she made the call to move forward with the ceremony outside, I think we all silently cheered alongside her. Solidarity in the commitment to love uninterrupted.

And when it was all said and done, Irene stayed at bay. I think she knew she couldn't upstage a day like theirs anyway. So she waited. And bowed in quiet reverence to a love that long ago learned how to dance through any storm.

Married: Annie & Uri

Gorgeous Venue: Saltwater Farm Vineyard
Beautiful blooms: Yumiko of Hana Floral Design
Incredible culinary creations: Karen of Gourmet Galley and Felicia's Sweetface Pastry Shoppe
That stunner of a dress: The White Dress by the Shore
Musical stylings: DJ Doug of a Power Posse
Glam squad: Kellie & Lindsay from the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library

If you want to see even more faves from Annie & Uri's day, click HERE to head on over to our Justin & Mary facebook page & see the full gallery!

Mon. Aug 29, 2011 by Mary    Life with J&M

Weathering the Storm

Yesterday was a strange day.

I wish I had a more literary, illustrative, lyrical way of putting it. I'm sure Melville would have done better. But for now, all I can think is that it was... strange.

Outside the storm did what storms do. The wind blew. The rain fell. The water rose. But there was a certain "business as usual" air about it. As if Irene had just clocked in for the day. And was putting in her time. Doing her job. Saving for her 401k.

Inside, the storm didn't really change anything. We watched endless hours of the Gilmore Girls, practiced our witty repartee, and ate copious amounts of tapioca pudding. The lights flickered a little and we'd have to reset the dvd, but we never even fully lost power. In fact, about the most dramatic thing that happened yesterday was having to wait two and a half hours for our chinese food. Sure, our egg rolls were a little on the chilly side. And the heat from my chicken cashew, no chicken, had made the fortune cookies a little soggy.

But that was about it.

And then this morning we woke up to find that just two miles away from us, twenty five houses had been destroyed. Some swept out to sea. Others had just collapsed where they stood. They face east while we face south. Two miles. And an entire world of difference.

And it hardly seems fair.

How our day could be so Stars Hollow, vegetarian egg roll, business as usual. While other families were out there losing everything.

If you're the praying type, I'd ask that you pray for those families. That what was lost can be replaced. And quickly. I know many of you out there were praying for us, and I can't tell you how much that means to us.

Pretty much...the world.

**This is the view from the sea wall right in front of our house. You can see that the water came up a good ten feet, and at its highest was even lapping over the top. But the wall held strong, and it never made it farther than that. On the east side, reports are saying water came inland as far as a couple of blocks.

Fri. Aug 26, 2011 by Mary    Spread the Love

Sneak Peek: Walk Through Boston

Well I said we were going to go out with a bang, but baby yesterday was more like an explosion. An explosion of pink and candy and SHOES that is. I feel like Sofia Coppola herself could've walked on set and started filming. While Kirsten Dunst hung out on our pink velvet couch eating bon bons.

Yea it was that kind of day.

A day where you get to have your cake & eat it too. And then shout, "I want candy!!" :)

Sneak Peek: Walk Through Boston

And of course none of the above could have ever been possible without the above and beyond help of some incredible people! People like...

Julia Gargano, head designer, stylist, dream maker and miracle worker extraordinaire. Seriously Jules, you just keep outdoing yourself.
Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design "
The fabulous Miss D.D. Nickel on hair & makeup.
Jillian of New England Vintage
The Randolph Women's Club for letting us use the The Belcher House
Alison at The Plumed Serpent
Victoria at Toria Dolce
Betsy Jo of Elizabeth St. who provided some amazing paper props for the shoot!
Our amazing style interns... JoeDon, Spring Smith, Michelle Cucinelli
And a special thank you to our amazing bride and groom! Megan & Greg!

Thu. Aug 25, 2011 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: All Things Lotion-y

It was when I was working at a law firm in London that I first discovered Lush.

On our very little down time, me & my only ally in the summer program would make our way down two blocks to the King's Road. Where we would stand in the local Lush. And just breathe.

For those of you who have never been to a Lush before, they make a whole bunch of all handmade soaps that smell absolutely divine. So good in fact, that the smell can be found wafting out the front door and drifting as far as a block or two away. Leading you back home. So good in fact, that when I'm in the store I have to constantly remind myself not to take a big bite out of their big blue bath bombs. Because, let's face it, that would just be unseemly. Clearly.

Yesterday, as we were running all the errands that take up the entire day before Walk Through, we were all feeling the need for a little rejuvenation. And it just so happened that right at the moment, right as we were feeling most worn down, we caught the trail of a Lush leading us back to where we needed to be. And so we stood there, all three of us- Justin, Julia & I- and took some time to just....breathe.

And while I was standing there, pondering the gold glittery (Ke$ha inspired??) soap, this got me thinking about some of my favorite lotion-y things. Some I've loved forever, some I've just discovered recently. But I wanted to share them all, with all of you.

1. The Ocean Salt Scrub was one of the very first things I fell in love with from Lush and I've been using it ever since.
2. Hope in a tube from Philosophy, I first discovered from one of my brides who was on the whole Hope regimen. Her skin looked amazing, so I gave it a whirl. Hope in a Tube is specifically for under your eyes and I adore it.
3. Grace body lotion from Philosophy is like calm & relaxation in a bottle. I highly recommend you pick some up!
4. I've been a devotee of Clinique's dramatically different moisturizer since I was a senior in high school. Nothing comes close to that little yellow bottle.
5. I'm pretty much chemically dependent on Nivea lip balm at this point. Seriously, it's an addiction.
6. This one is from Julia. She's loving her Soap Bark & Chamomile deep cleanser from Burt's Bees. But she said to be warned, it does make your face feel a little numb. :)
7. Just picked up this almond cuticle oil from The Body Shop and I travel with it all the time now for when my hands get so dry from flying.
8. This Prime Time primer also at Sephora is one of the best I've tried.
9. And finally, I just picked up this little gem of a mask yestereday, the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. I put it on this morning and it's pretty much rockin my world.

So tell me....what are some of YOUR all time faves??

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