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Tue. Aug 31, 2010 by Julia    Stuff we Love

Julia's Picks: September

I love waking up to the cool crisp scent of Fall. Love walking out to the car and feeling my cheeks flush and prickle as the wind rushes against my face. Love the crispy leaves that crunch under my feet when I work in the yard. And raking? Raking is my favorite Fall activity! I love forming gigantic piles all over the front yard and then scooping them up and into bags. I have to fight the urge to jump into them yelling at the top of my lungs! Ahh, Fall. Kinda makes me wanna go buy a new backpack, marble notebook and some number 2 pencils!

And as I sit here, in the sweltering 85 degree weather I can't help but dream of Fall. Of ordering a steaming hot caramel coffee instead of an iced cold half caff. Of going for a run without being accompanied by a dull heat headache. Of putting the Air Conditioner back into the basement and fighting playfully over the thermostat. Yea, right about now, I am dreaming of a cozy and comforting Fall. Full of oversized sweaters, spiced pancakes, and decadent scarves.

Here's my picks for must have comfort this Fall!

1. Gorgeous jacket from Anthropologie! Somehow it manages to be sophisticated and whimsical all at the same time. Love the shearling collar!
2. Yummy boots also from Anthro! How cute are those bows?
3. Flannel pajama bottoms from Arie by American Eagle. If I had my choice, I would never take them off! Maybe I'll have to talk to J&M about having a REALLY casual Friday :)
4. When I was in elementary school we LIVED in oversized men's sweaters! This year, I'm bringing it back! Who's with me?!? This uber cute one is from J.Crew
5. Definitely on my wish list! I found this Marc Jacob scarf on Piper Lime
6. I VOW to have a working fireplace this year. The glass has been broken on ours for almost three years now! Yikes! I like the clean lines of this one from Home Depot
7. Ummm, Spiced Pecan Pumpkin PANCAKES!?!? YES PLEASE!! From Williams-Sonoma
8. This is sort of an October pick but I'm so excited I can't leave it off the list!! Mike and I go pumpkin picking at Jones Farm every year! We go all out, drink cidar, eat donuts, ride the tractor... we DO IT UP!! And I can't wait!!
9. LOVE a comfortable beanie. Add a touch of sparkle? It's double nice!! Roxy makes this cute little number!

So what is your go to Fall comfort wear?!?

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Tue. Aug 31, 2010 by Julia    The Latest

He Brings me Flour: Recap

Happy Tuesday!

It's me, Julia, checking in while J&M are off "coasting" their way to relaxation. While they are off taking a well deserved rest at Cedar Point, I thought I would start the day right- with a full recap of the Nashville edition of Walk Through a Wedding with J&M. We brought you a sneak peek right after we got back and now that Style Me Pretty has featured it, we're going to go ahead with the big reveal!

Ever since we took Justin & Mary's "Spread The Love" Tour through Nashville, TN last February, we have been looking for a reason to go back. Then, when J&M worked on the Style Me Pretty wedding with Chase Rivers and Sarah True this Spring that sealed the deal: The next "Walk Through a Wedding" workshop HAD to be in music city!! And it HAD to feature biscuits from The Loveless Cafe. We started our design board with biscuits in mind and after brainstorming a few more ideas, Mary had an epiphany. In the movie, Stranger Than Fiction, Mr. Crick (an IRS agent) brings Ms. Pascal (the baker)... flours. And our theme was born!! I mean come on, how cute is that? He brought her FLOURS!!! A design board quickly followed.

We love a detail oriented weddings, so we made sure to plan out everything for this one!! We thought our theme was coming together pretty nicely and were pretty psyched for our workshop. And then, the first day we were in Nashville, we stopped by Cedarwood Mansion. And I‘m not going to lie, Justin, Mary, and I, all three of us walked around gasping, pointing, and just about fainting, because Cedarwood? Yea, Cedarwood is perfection personified. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better location for the workshop we had planned. Linda & Karen at Cedarwood are amazing and instantly started throwing ideas into the mix. And just like that we weren't just psyched, we were bursting at the seams!!

Thank you to our fabulous attendees! You guys blew us away with your enthusiasm and genuine willingness to learn!! We feel blessed to know you! Next time we're down in Nashville, we'll have to get together for some biscuits at The Loveless Cafe!! : )

We love putting these workshops together but we can't do it alone!! A huge thank you to everyone who helped bring our vision to fruition!

Location: Cedarwood Nashville, TN
Bride's Dress: Target and The Bride Room
Paper Suite: Invitations Ink Manasquan, NJ
Make up: Renee Fisher
Head Table Flowers & Buffet dinner: Chase Rivers
Floral Accents: Karen Wright
Videographer: Eugene and Heather
Models (all fellow photographers!!):
Tiffany & Jonathan Zajas
Zach & Jody Gray
Sara Renee

Without further ado... He Brings Me Flours...

Karen and Linda put together this AHHH-mazing alter for us as a surprise! How awesome are they?!? And the vintage truck? Cedarwood seriously has everything!

We used whisks as place cards and stuck them in a vintage crate full of flour. The recipe garland and mason jars added to the festive mood we were setting for the rest of the "reception". Cute little whisk tags courtesy of Invitations Ink!

Zach and Jody Gray! Rocking it out in front of our plates and plates photobooth!!

We love to have our bridal parties do something unique. So we put together this photobooth to have something to play with! We also put together a table nearby, utilized the truck and had a few props like bowls of flour and utensils for the bridal party to have fun with!! It instantly made the images just a little more fun!!

A few scene setters and a delicious head table covered in flowers by the phenomenal Chase Rivers!!

Come one! How cute are Tiffany and John?!?

More gorgeous details. The hanging mason jars were already there!! How beautiful is Cedarwood?!? More flowers by Chase!! GORGEOUS! And our aged recipe cards cards hung with care! And um, Tiffany? You are STUNNING!!!

A different perspective of the head table set in Cedarwood's beautiful barn!!

Loveless biscuits!!! A sweet dreams table with cherry cobbler served in jars and jam for the guests! Cute little tags by Invitations Ink! They seriously came through for us with less than two days notice!! We can't thank them enough!


Our favor table! Pick a flour! :) And Jonathan looking every bit the dapper groom!

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the behind the scenes video by the amazing Eugene and Heather!

Also be sure to check out the rest of the images Here!!

We had so much fun working on this one, we can't wait to show you what we have up our sleeves for the next one!!

Massachusetts here we come!!! :) :)


Mon. Aug 30, 2010 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: Rest & Roller Coasters

I think it was in the airport security line.

Standing bare foot on the filthy airport floor with my belt, sunglasses, sweater and bag stuffed in a sterile rubbermaid container. A boarding pass stuck between my lip glossed lips and welt on my arm from heaving my carry-on suitcase up on the conveyor belt. I looked frazzled, rattled, and I didn't have it together. Let's just say that George Clooney would not be proud. And then it happened. The little guy behind the counter at the Bradley International Airport tried to argue with me that half of a half gallon plastic bag was the not the same as a quart bag. Because it didn't matter if technically they amounted to the same thing, it had to be a quart bag and it had to be right then. And just like that, I turned into the ugliest version of myself. I went from zero to passive aggressive in .5 seconds. I huffed. I rolled my eyes. I mumbled (not so) under my breath. And I came perilously close to causing a scene. And this from the person who more than anything hates a scene.

I think it was in the airport security line....just five minutes ago....when I granted myself the permission to need a vacation. Not just want or like or hope for.


We've been going full steam ahead for far too long. And now it's time to pull this train over and idle a bit. As business owners, as teachers, as leaders, as a married couple...we all need these times of rest. It's not a perk or a negotiable. It's a necessity. Because what we all know, but rarely practice, is that a break (even if it's just a couple days) will restore in us a brand new energy and focus for the work that's still to be done. We will come back with fresh eyes and a full tank for caring for our clients, colleagues, and most importantly....each other.

I think it was in the airport security line that I granted myself permission not to be a super woman, but just a girl who needs a break.

Justin & I are flying out in the next few minutes to spend the next few days being free. To rest and to laugh and to throw our arms up and just enjoy the ride.

Because what a ride it is.

“Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”

Mon. Aug 30, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Sugarbush Resort Wedding: Becky & Tay (Part I)

Good Monday morning! And oh do we have a doozey of a way of kickin' off your week today: The Sugarbush Wedding of Becky & Tay! Let me just say this, Becky & Tay ooze adorableness. Like seriously, it's a real problem. And I'm pretty sure they're on medication for it....because the adorableness oozing, yea it's in pandemic proportions. Add to that fact that they planned one of the classiest, most timeless weddings that we've ever shot and we were in classy, adorable heaven. :)

Married: Becky & Tay

Wherever there's a gorgeous Ines di Santo and a pair of shoes with a sparkly bow, you just know it's gonna be a good day.

Buttons and bows. Bows and buttons.

Oh did I forget to mention the sparkly purse?

Ines di Santo or no Ines di Santo, every wedding needs a lil' Vera.

Love, love, LOVED the flowers courtesy of The Blue Toad. Those ladies rocked it OUT!


The suites at Sugarbush were just beautiful! Look at that light!

Justin took his usual walkabout to hang with the fellas. And what well-dressed fellas they were.

The littlest fella

Tay you are so GQ. You take dapper to a whole new level.


Meanwhile, it was go time with the dress. Love the lil' sparkly thing that went on the bow!

Becky has some good genes! Mrs. M you are a stone cold fox! :P

Then it was time for me & Becky to work it out. No. Work it. OUT!

Julia snagged these two and I LURVE them!


Come on now. Who doesn't LOVE Becky's dad right about now?

Becky's mom walked Tay was super emotional to watch!

But the water works really got going riiiiiight about HERE:

LOL! Ceremonies are exhausting.

Sugarbush provided a great backdrop for the beautiful ceremony!


Stay tuned for Part II of Becky and Tay's, Sugarbush Wedding, kicking off with the ten minute rule, coming your way soon!

Sun. Aug 29, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Blair Academy Wedding: Bridget & Marc (Part II)

Happy Sunday! I hope you guys are having a great night and winding down a very relaxing weekend. If you happen to be on the internet right now, you'll get to be the first to see Part II of Bridget & Marc's Blair Academy Wedding. If not, I hope you are drinking a glass of lemonade for me. Or better yet, a pumpkin spice latte! :)


After the ceremony we headed over to the Blair Academy for some portraits.

The grounds at the Blair Academy were just beautiful!

The buildings of the Blair Academy are also breathtaking!

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