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Mon. Jun 28, 2010 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: A Good Night's Sleep :)

Our bed is pretty much the shizzle. That's right blogworld, I just said shizzle. But really, I had to.

Because honestly, no other word comes close to describing the dreamy goodness that is our new bed. About two months ago we upgraded to the Sleepy's Sleep to Live 800 series in the King size mattress. It is pretty much heaven in rectangular form. What's really cool is that they tested each of us for how we sleep best, and then each side of the bed was made custom for how we like it. I'm a Green. Justin's a Blue. Just so ya know.

As you can imagine, with night's like the ones we had on Saturday, we really value catching up on our sleep. So this was one investment we were really willing to splurge on. And it has paid off with every penny. Times a million. Not only are we sleeping great, but we don't wake up with neck kinks and sore shoulders like our old bed gave us anymore.

Like I said, the shizzle. If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly suggest you pick one up. :)

We are off to Vermont again to rescue our poor car, but stay tuned later today for a sneak peek from yesterday's wedding!
Dreamily Yours

Sun. Jun 27, 2010 by Mary    The Latest

Sneak Peek: Becky & Tay

Whew! Last night was a crazy night and a super loooong night thanks to the awesome flat tire of death we came out to the parking lot to find after our wedding. There aren't enough synonyms in the world for the HUGE, GIGONDO, GINORMOUS thanks we have to our friend Amanda who drove us all the way from Vermont back home to CT at 4 in the morning. Amanda, you are a saint meets a samaritan meets my fairy godmother on happy juice all rolled into one. Seriously, we will never be able to thank you enough!!

After we dropped Amanda off at her house, we stole her car :) and rolled into New Haven around 5:30 in the morning. We grabbed a cool three hours of sleep and now we're up and back at it for our second wedding of the weekend! Needless to say, there will be coffee. Oh yes, there will be coffee!

Oh who am I kidding, I would just chew on the beans right now if they gave them to me!

But we thought we'd wake you up with something a lil' smoother. Like this sneak peek from Becky & Tay's wedding yesterday! :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Fri. Jun 25, 2010 by Julia    Pancake Sessions

Short Stack: Album Design

Happy Friday!!

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us!! J&M are shooting in Mystic today, we're up in Vermont tomorrow and back down in good 'ole CT on Sunday so I wanted to jump in with a little short stack of tidbits on album design before I leave! Mary covered the work flow process here so I am going to tell you a little bit about my favorite features of the program we use to design them: Photojunction. The best part about Photojunction is how user friendly it is! I watched one little tutorial last year and was designing albums the same day!

One of my favorite features of the program is the ability to separate images into groups!! Usually I separate them into : Getting Ready Details, Getting Ready, Ceremony, Portraits, Reception Details, and Reception. These vary slightly by weddings, depending upon the days events. For instance, if there is a First Look, it always gets it's own folder. Catorgorizing them like this helps the design process move more quickly. I am way less likely to leave out an image that I want to use and the timeline of the day is pretty much set before I start designing!

I have a confession, I loooove album design, but some of the details of album design, can get a little tricky! :) Spacing key lines, centering images, etc is not my strong point. But! All I have to do is highlight the images and pick how large I want the key lines to be. Voila! No fuss! No muss! No matter how easy it is, there are still a whole lotta key lines in one album design. And if I had to go through and triple check every spread in every album I think it would give me quite the headache! For me, templates are a life saver!! Every page I have ever designed is saved as a template so if I want to use it again- I just pop it into the album I am currently designing and then fill it with images. Not having to reinvent the wheel is a HUGE time saver!!

Photojunction also makes it very simple to change the size of an image and to zoom in and out on an image. They have tons of preset sizes to choose from or you can just pull on an image to customize the size. There are no restrictions! The sky is the limit! :) What I really love about all of this, is how personalized your albums can get. The ability to design and customize every page is a huge asset!!

The last piece to the puzzle is exporting the album for our clients to review. It is WAY too easy! You can export right from Photojunction to AlbumExposure

Have an awesome weekend!


Thu. Jun 24, 2010 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Berries & Badminton BBQ: The Badminton Set

I'm going to be fully honest with you, it can get pretty competitive around the Marantz household. Justin & I are both naturally really competitive people, and J can be especially so having come from a very long line of competitive people (hey, we still don't talk about the first time I played dominos with his dad....right Papa D?! :) So when we decided it was going to be a badminton themed BBQ for the 4th, we both knew it was flan....twirling a baton. For real.

I spent every summer of my childhood playing badminton in the backyard til it was too dark to see the birdie anymore. And Justin claims to have played competitively in high school. :) Seriously, is there anyone out there who can either confirm or deny this? So last night we broke out our new fancy schmancy set from Restoration Hardware (the one with real feathers on the birdies), to see who really was the badminton champion.

Well after the longest match in history (psssht, Wimbeldon ain't got nothin' on us!) with darkness setting in, we agreed to call it a tie for the sake of our union.

And because, y'know, after all our dating anniversary was the next day. :) But come July 4th, I can tell you this... Mr. Marantz better be ready to bring his A-game!

*Check out the sweet little carrying case it comes in! Also comes complete with net & set up poles.

**To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

Thu. Jun 24, 2010 by Mary    Life with J&M

Match Dot.....Calm

It was six years ago today.

Six years ago that I stood in front of my mirror and put on lip gloss one last time. Six years ago that I straightened my navy & green tank top over a green corduroy skirt and slipped on tan wedge sandals. The J.Crew ones with the gold buckle that I loved so much. Six years ago that I put on my sunglasses and got in my cherry red Neon, and headed downtown to meet the man I would eventually marry.

And to be honest with you, I fully expected to feel sketched out.

Because this person that I was meeting, this random stranger I was about to go have coffee with....yea, I had met him on That's right. Interrrrrr-net dating. Let that sink in for just one cool second, will ya. See, I had never done this whole internet dating thing before, so he was the very first person I was meeting up with. And for all I knew, I was on a one way ticket to a blind dates-ville with a serial killer. Or at least somebody who doesn't like puppies. Or y'know, refuses to help little old ladies cross the street.

Yea, I totally expected to feel sketched out. But I didn't. Driving down there that day, I felt....calm. I felt a wave of calm wash over me the likes of which I had never seen before, telling me all along: I was doing something I was always meant to do.

And here's why. Before meeting up with him that day, I did what any savvy young law student would do before meeting up with a guy she just met on the Internet. I googled him. Oh lord help me blogworld, I googled my future husband. And you know what I found?


Galleries and galleries of pictures he took while in school. The most beautiful pictures I had ever seen in my life. And as I sat there clicking through them one by one, I somehow knew that any one who could create something as beautiful as this....well, there was just no way that person could be a serial killer!! :) And surely they would have to love puppies and helping little old ladies cross the street too. But more than that, looking at those pictures, I felt like my heart had found a home.

And for the first time in a long time, I felt....calm. And I knew I was doing something I was always meant to do.

So you see, for us it really did always start with love.....and with pictures....and just a little help from Match Dot Com.

Happy Dating Anniversary J!! I can't tell you how thankful I am that you take really pretty pictures. My world is all the better for it. Love you....always. M

* Yea, I don't know WHAT was up with my hair!! :) So don't ask!

**Are we friends? It's not true until it happens on facebook! Clickety-click below!

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