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Mon. Feb 28, 2011 by Mary    The Latest

Success [suhk-ses]

So while we were out in Vegas, our good friend Patrick from Still Motion had asked me to be a part of this video he was putting together. Cool. Absolutely. Not a problem. I can do that for you! So went over and hung out in his room and answered a few questions and there was Starbucks involved, so I was psyched. :) And then we went on about our merry way.

And then came the tweet. The tweet heard round the world. Well, my world at least.

Patrick tweeted that this video on "Success" would be premiering at the WPPI awards assembly (wait, really??) and featured interviews with six photographers and industry leaders Kevin Kubota, Jasmine Star, Jesh De Rox, Sarah Rhoads, Jessica Claire....and then me. :) Wait, me?? Really? Uhhh....are we just playing the world's biggest game of "one of these things does not belong" here?! :) Because really just to be included in that group, even in just a tweet, I was shaking in my knee high boots.

Well I actually just got to see the video for the very first time (because we were still working on our talk during the awards assembly), and I have to tell you that I had tears in my eyes listening to how hard each of these people have worked to get where they are and how they each define success. And to be honest, I'm still kind of shaking in my knee high boots at the thought of being part of it.

So Patrick, thank you thank you thank you for including me in this. I don't know how to ever thank you enough. And here I thought the Starbucks was the exciting part! :)

[suhk-ses] WPPI 2011 from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Mon. Feb 28, 2011 by Justin    Life with J&M


I stretch out on the kitchen floor and press my face right up against Cooper's. We blink emphatically in our own secret code, and I laugh out loud and kiss each paw when he suddenly licks my face. You turn from a watched pot to see what just happened, and you can't help but laughing too. Yea, this feels like home.

You dig out one of our good bottles of wine, no doubt at this point buried beneath our rag tag collection of cookie cutters and two-dollar Christmas wrap, and we toast to a week that was big. A week of stretching and being stretched. Of pressing our faces right up against Fear. And not being the first to blink. To a week still so full of the possibility of changing everything. But for now, we just feel like home.

I lean into you and you lean back, and we stab at our three cheese raviolis. You turn on old episodes of Coupling on the BBC, and I hear us laugh at all the same parts. A Christmas Cookie candle still stands on the end table even though it's nearly the end of February, and you give me a hard time about it. And I can't help but laugh too. And just like that with your arm around me and Cooper's face in our laps, sitting in the middle of our house I know...

This just feels like home.

**Connect w/ Justin & Mary

Thu. Feb 24, 2011 by Mary    The Latest

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

There are seriously no words right now. To the photographers who came to our room today and shared your hearts & lives with us, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being there and thank you for the love and hope you all poured out to us. I could feel every single one of you pulling for us up there, almost willing us to succeed. And I believe that it was because of that will, that everything else began to seem more possible. You make me feel like the luckiest girl on the planet right now. In the stratosphere. And Justin & I are honored that we got to close out this incredible week with a whole room full of people that we now consider friends.

With all my love & a heart full of thanks,

Tue. Feb 22, 2011 by Mary    The Latest

Shoot Out w/ J&M

We are running off for more WPPI craziness, but we just wanted to hop on real quick and give may-jah love to the 20 photographers turned friends who got up at the crack of dawn this morning to do our Shoot Out with us. You guys are all so incredible and we can't thank you enough for being there! Also a HUGE shout out to Mike & Kate from Lens Pro to Go for getting up so early and bringing all of that delicious gear with you. If that bag of Nikon stuff turns up missing, you know where to look! :)

And how about Miss Ashley Nicole & her beau Jeremy for being our super HOT models!!

Group photo!!

Mon. Feb 21, 2011 by Mary    The Latest


Uh today we went to scope out the room for our talk and *this* is it. Ummm....who wants to help us spread the word so those seats don't look that empty come Thursday morning?? Pretty please. With sugar spice & everything nice on top.

"How to be a Rainmaker: Ten Tips to Turn the Tides" 9am Thursday morning in Room 310

I'll just be over here breathing in a paper bag. :)

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