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Fri. Nov 21, 2008 by Mary    Portraits

Meet Deanna & Eric: Part One

Meet: Deanna & Eric

These guys are an AMAZING husband & wife photography team based out of Louisville, Kentucky (although they don't really root for Louisville which is a GOOOOD thing cause we would've had to cancel the shoot on the spot for sure if they did! I'm just sayin.) who came up to vacation in New England this fall. They wanted to grab a few shots of them looking all cozy n' such in a typical New Englandy town so we met up with them in Stonington (the New Englandiest of all New Englandy towns) for a super fun shoot and some killer margaritas. It was one of the coldest days of the year and the wind was whipping in off the water....but these two kept it H.O.T!! So hot in fact that we had to break up our favorites into two posts or our blog would've gone into a three alarm meltdown for sure. What can I say...these guys know how to heat it up in front of, as well as behind the lens!

Check out our faves from the first half of the shoot!!

Fri. Nov 21, 2008 by Mary    The Latest

Interview on F-Stop Beyond!!

Yep, it's official. Callers we are taking no more votes. The results are in and it's now become clear that... Ron Dawson Rocks!!! Yea, in a pretty big way. Rocks our world, rocks AND rolls, rock-a-feller.... ummm he ROCKS! We first got to meet Ron at PartnerCon in LA this year, and it's pretty safe to say it was love at first sight. Never have I met a more genuine, down to earth, put-you-right-at-ease person in my life! So when we got the chance to do an interview with him for his podcast "F-Stop Beyond," we pretty much jumped at the chance. Well, more like did a triple backhand spring into a perfect ten twist dismount....but you get the idea! So if you get the chance head on over HERE and check out all the fun...and the tears...and the deeply philosophical questions which I was TOTALLY unprepared for! :)

We love you Ron!! Thank you SO much for everything!! And just in case you haven't rock!!

Wed. Nov 19, 2008 by Justin    Portraits

happy accidents...

It's good to be reminded that sometimes the coolest things in life happen when you get it all wrong.

Mon. Nov 17, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Tis the Season...

As we stand in line, I stare at him with my best "but I thought you loved me" face. You know the one. Lip stuck so far out that our barista nearly trips on it. Eyebrows furrowed in a look of utter disbelief. Nostrils flaring ever so delicately in a perfect rhythm with my growingly audible sighs. Without missing a beat he shoots me back his signature "you can't be serious" one eyebrow raise, and immediately goes back to paying for my double-stacked venti green tea. In my ongoing quest to wean myself off of caffeine, it's as close as you can get to the Starbucks equivalent of a nicotine patch attached directly to your forehead. And it's not working.

Never one to admit defeat, I press on. After all, I'm up for the challenge and this just went into stage 4 red alert- mach 3 overdrive. Bring it on, baby. BRING. IT. ON. Scooping up the "Winter Wonderland" cd that was just sitting there on the counter, taunting me...calling my name, I dance it closer and closer to his face as I begin belting out the lyrics to all the classics we know and love from Frank, Dean and, yes, even Ella. He rolls his eyes and moans, "It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!"

Pshhhhaw! As if that should matter. *I'm* in the holiday spirit. Me! And if *I* am in the holiday spirit then we should just go with it, no questions asked. Because who knows how long that will last! Truth be told the past few years I've been a regular old Grinch at Christmastime, termite teeth and all. Just give me a seasick crocodile and I'm all set. But this year....ahhh yes, this year....the joy & merriment of the season set in early to say the least. I started asking to watch It's a Wonderful Life somewhere around November 1st. Midnight. Greenwich Mean Time. The hot cocoa has been pouring forth like milk & honey. And there's even been some talk of joining in on the chaos and madness of Black Friday. And through it all, he has patiently obliged

So I guess it must have been this cd. This one lowly cd that did it in for him. Well, that and the prospect of spending six hours in the car with me listening to Christmas music in mid-November! He had to take a stand somewhere, and this was it. He was putting his foot down and THAT was the final word on that. Case closed. Story over.

But as we walked back to the car carrying our first red cups of the season and Miss Mariah Carey herself started belting out of the radio as soon as we sat down, I couldn't help but leaning over to whisper....hmmm, I guess it really is the season to be merry.

Well y'know, or Mary as the case may be. :)

Fri. Nov 14, 2008 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Jessica & Lu

Meet: Jessica & Lu

We got the chance to hang out with Jessica & Lu recently for their engagement shoot at Lyman's Orchard. It was one of those perfect fall days that seem to be slipping away WAY too fast these days! These two are so much fun and so cute together. I'm so glad we got to hang out with them, drink some apple cider, and sneak a few apple cider donuts when no one was looking! Check out some of our faves:

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