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Wed. Nov 12, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

A Life Without Exclamation Points

He pays no attention to the shouts coming from the other room. Is not bothered by the sounds of a rolly chair spinning circles across our hardwood floor, as I throw my arms up in the air and shout "weeeeeeee!!!!" Barely looks up when I grab Cooper by his two front paws and we dance around the room to a song about editing that I just made up on the spot. A carefree little diddy about carpal tunnel syndrome and a fear of going cross-eyed. He's used to it by now. Expects it, really. Because, honestly, what would a workplace be without spinning rolly chairs and songs about your favorite syndromes?

Well....I can tell you.

The one and only summer that I worked at a law firm, I was hauled into a Partner's office and reprimanded for using too many exclamation points in my emails. Exclamation points. It wasn't professional, wasn't dignified. Make no mistake about it, these were our clients not our friends. We could be excited, we should just do it on the inside. Where no one could tell. Or be bothered by it. And with that one (ever so slightly dramatized) anecdote, I think that pretty much sums up what taking a law firm job would've meant for me...

A life without exclamation points.

And when you come that close to losing your favorite punctuation mark, you really start to appreciate it. Some might say, go overboard with it even. But just know this, whether I'm sitting at my desk shouting "I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!" or "BAH! I'M SO OVERWHELMED!!!!!! COULD SOMEBODY JUST SHOOT ME!?!?" it makes no difference to me. Because I just remind myself how lucky I am to be living a life so full: full of joy, full of passion, and yes, full of exclamation points.

And rolly chairs on hardwood floors. You can't forget those.

Tue. Nov 11, 2008 by Justin    Portraits

Meet: Ms. Ten Eyck

She's the kind of person who loves with her whole heart. And when she hugs you, you just somehow know that everything is going to be ok. As if she's protecting you from the whole world, where nothing and no one can ever hurt you again. She won't let them anyway, and she'll judo chop them if they try. Jackie Chang style. She'll laugh with you and cry with you, and still find time to make fun of you for being such a goober somewhere in between. And there's no point getting mad at her...because deep down you know she's right. She sees you...just as you are and as you could be. And she loves you for both. She'll give you the shirt off of her back if she thinks you need it and somehow still make you feel like you're doing her the favor. Her friendship is the kind of thing that changes you, pushes you to be better. And you find yourself sitting at a wobbly desk trying to type through blurry tears....and just wondering how you got so lucky.

Meet: one of my best friends in the whole world....Ms. Carla Ten Eyck

Never if I wrote for a million years could I come close to finding the words for what Carla has come to mean to us. I'm just not that good of a writer. And a friend like that deserves pulitzer prize worthy material. She's the kind of person who cheers for everyone around her, finds beauty in all that she meets. And it is high time that someone turned that spotlight right around on her! (oh BURN....NOTICE!!!) She would never tell you (so you're lucky I'm here), but she is quickly skyrocketing to full on superstar status. Between her workshops (Ten Eyck Tuesdays), her women's project, and most recently being picked to speak at the CPPA conference in February...ummm it's pretty safe to say that Carla rocks! And so with all this exciting stuff going on, she thought it was high time to update her head shots. And we were more than happy to oblige. And with this shoot, I'm happy to announce that we've now officially closed the gap on awesome friends points to 1,000,000 to 1.

Yea, we'll keep working on that.

I think this one might be my favorite of the day!

Just look at them saucy heels!

Hello....super sophisticated!

Just LOVE this one! How beautiful is my friend?!?

The quintessential Carla

I told Carla before we started the shoot that I was going to focus on bringing out her sexy...ummm I think we got it in this shot! H.O.T!!!!

This shot has a totally different feel than all the others but I was really digging it!

LOL...I think this one picture somehow sums up our friendship. That's me trying to be all stylist about the situation and Carla was having NONE of it!

We love you C!! And we are SO super proud of you!!

Mon. Nov 10, 2008 by Mary    Justin & Mary Brides

Gettin' the Preferential Treatment

So in case you hadn't realized it....we are really VERY important people. Everywhere we go, doors open for us and windows close. People bow down and stand in awe... AT the same time. Preferential treatment is pretty much a way of life for us now. Darn this celebrity status of ours. Darn it! What can I say, it's embarrassing really, but what are you gonna do?? So it came as no surprise, really, when our personal barista told us that we would be receiving our very own Starbucks Black Card . (Ok, it's *actually* called the Starbucks Gold Card, but go with me on this one.) On par with nothing short of the American Express Black Card, it is THE card to have. Reserved for only very, VERY important people (and really, really good looking people too) like kings and oscar winning actresses, we feel honored to have been chosen for this distinction. We're going to try our best not to let it go to our heads, really we are. But with something as momentous...nay, life-altering... as this, it's really hard not to let it change you. I just hope we always remember the little people who made this possible, whatever their names are....


Introducing our Starbucks Black Card....

All kidding aside, in other preferential treatment news we are so PSYCHED to announce that all of our Justin & Mary brides will now be receiving Diamond Card status from the incredible ladies of The White Dress by the Shore. Beth & her whole crew are just AMAZING to work with. Put it this way....they set the bar on customer service as high as it could possibly go, then threw that bar out and got a whole NEW bar that could go twice as high as the first one. Yea, they're that good. The kind of good that makes you just want to be around them so that maybe, just maybe, some of their rock star status might rub off on you. Or at the very least that they would pick you to be President of their fan club. Yea, that would work too.

So, if any of you brides out there are still looking for THE dress, be sure to stop by THE White Dress by the Shore and have a glass of mimosa for me. You won't be disappointed!

Fri. Nov 7, 2008 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Joanna & Corey

Recently we got the chance to travel up to Keene, NH for a Get to Know You shoot with Joanna & Corey, where we were surrounded by just under 30,000 pumpkins. These guys went to college and met at Keene State, so it seemed like the perfect spot to do their shoot. And what better time than during Pumpkin Fest '08!! We had so much fun walking around campus with them, and we can't wait to go back in the Spring for this world famous ice cream we've been hearing so much about!

Meet: Joanna & Corey
Their theme: Pumpkin Fest 2008!!

Tue. Nov 4, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Yes We Did!!

Today we Baracked the vote, and hopefully cast a ballot for America's next president. Yea, yea I know it's not super PC to actually say who we voted for and all, but we believe what we believe and we make no qualms nor apologies for that. That being said, just know this... we got nothin' but love for our Republican peeps as well. 'Cause, as they say, some of our very best friends are Republicans! :)

So if you voted (and ONLY if you voted, shame on you if you didn't) feel free to give a Sarah Palin-worthy shout out for your candidate-o-choice in the comments section below. But BE WARNED...I am in no mood to host some nasty political debate on our shiny new blog. It's WAY too pretty for that. So play nice or you WILL be deleted and/or mocked mercilessly to no end! :)

In honor of election night, we are hosting the "America....Greatest Country on the Planet" party at our place while we watch the results come in. We will be serving up a feast highlighting America's greatest contributions to the culinary fare, such as pizza........chimichangas.........and chinese food. Give a holler if you wanna drop by!!

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