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Tue. Jan 26, 2010 by Justin    Spread the Love

Scenes from the Road

So we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our scenes from the road as we made our way from Houston to San Antonio and then on to Austin!!

Let's just start with the fact, shall we, that there was a GIANT rubber ducky in our hotel parking lot in Houston. Yeaaaaaaa...........

Midway between Houston & San Antonio is a little gem that I've been hearing about for the last 6 years....or as long as I've known Justin. See about 9 years ago he stopped there randomly to get barbecue there and no place has been the same since. So clearly, we had to stop.

We pulled into San Antonio at night, which I would venture to say was the coolest possible time to arrive. Because San An is a supah cool city and everything is all lit up rainbow style. Here's a really blurry picture of an underpass we drove by. I thought it was cool. :)

And there are waterfalls all over the place that are also all lit up. Wheeeee!

Remember the Alamo!! "I call on you in the name of Liberty, of Patriotism, and everything dear to the American character..." Why don't people talk like that anymore?!?

Fun with Rangers!

Yea, you can take the girl out of West Virginia....

PS: Is it me or were Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone totally BFF??

Chillin on the riverwalk tour.

Miss Julia AND her flowered hat

We're on to the Big D! We'll see you there!

Patriotically yours,

Mon. Jan 25, 2010 by Mary    Spread the Love

Don't Mess with Texas

They came from hours away. Through traffic and work and finding babysitters, they came from hours away to make this tour happen.

And they came bearing sweets!!

Biscotti and cupcakes and king's cake. Oh my! Did they ever bring the sweets.

See, they say everything is bigger in Texas, and after my very first trip out here I can now attest that it's true. Because the hearts are bigger. The love is bigger. Heck, even the cakes are bigger!

So nobody better ever mess with my new friends in Houston, TX. Because they love like the mean it. And if you mess with them, I will come back down here and take care of you myself! :)

HUUUUUUUUGE Texas thanks go to Ms. Christine Tremoulet & her partner in crime Brittany for letting us use their beautiful space for the workshop!!

These gals were there all the way from LOOOZ-iana and they brought us a traditional southern sweet: king cake. Where apparently they bake a tiny plastic baby inside and whoever finds it has to bake the next one. This was slightly disturbing to me. :) :)

Me & cutie petutie Lacey Dagerath who took generosity to a WHOLE new level when she brought us a $100 gift card to Starbucks. WHAAAAAAAT?!?

Lonestar Hugs & Kisses,

Sat. Jan 23, 2010 by Mary    Life with J&M

Dear Justin

We stand out in the parking lot as the sounds of Keith Urban float out of the open car door windows and on to the Floridian breeze. You take my hand and press it against your chest... and we dance. You bury your face in my neck and the scruff of your two day beard presses against my cheek, as you rest your arm around the small of my back and pull me in a little closer. Like you don't ever want to let me go. And we sway. Between the yellow lines of a La Quinta parking lot... we sway. We sway and you whisper, "I still love going on adventures with you."

We sit in the car as the miles blur by, and you drive and drive while I slip in and out of sleep. Through blurry blinking eyes, the billboards turn into streaks of platinum that light up the inky indigo night. And it all starts to feel very much like a dream. You hold my hand in the middle, and you drive on. Driving, always driving, in the direction of my dreams.

We stand out beneath a starry Texas sky and somehow the world just seems bigger. Like there's room to breathe. Room to stretch. Room to reach up toward heaven and steal away one of those stars. I stare up at the blanket above me as far as my eyes can reach, but somehow I know you're standing beside me. You take my hand and give it a squeeze just to let me know that you'll always be right there. Standing beside me. Dreaming bigger dreams with me beneath a Lonestar sky.

J, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for standing beside me for six hours at a time only to get in the car to drive six more. Thank you for bringing me tea & honey when my voice starts to fail and thank you for being my voice when I've lost my way on mine. Thank you for laughing at my bad jokes even when you're the only one in the room, and for looking at me like I could do anything. Thank you for smiling quietly while I dream bigger dreams and for always doing the hard work to get us there.

Someday when we're little old wrinkly people, I will stand out in a driveway with you and dance beneath the stars of an indigo sky. Your soft cheek will press into mine and we'll sway together, and I'll hold on to you like I never want to let go. And somewhere in the quiet of together I will whisper, "I still love going on adventures with you."

Thu. Jan 21, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Kristin & Bill

Meet our cutie petutie couple Kristin & Bill! You might remember them from the Spread the Love NYC stop when they saved our lives and then filled our bellies with delicious sandwiches from the restaurant they own together: Melt.

Speaking of Melt, I have no doubt these two will melt your heart (see what I did there!) with their abundance of adorableness in the Get to Know You shoot we did with them, themed all around the town where it all began: Mystic, CT.

Warning: extreme cuteness ahead!

LOOOOOOOVE that one on the right!

So yea.....I'm sure the foliage will give us away that this shoot was a while back. :( But we're just one shoot away from being totally caught up!!

See....cuteness to the nth degree.

Kristin you are fierce x bunchen!

I love them!!


The sun was getting low, so we hung out to watch this amazing sunset. It kept going....

...and going...

and GOING!! This is right out of the camera except the exposure was brought up!

Then we hit up the town for some fun evening shots!

Kristin & Bill, you guys are the bomb diggety! We can't wait to see you when we get back and take you up on that dinner!

So much love,

Thu. Jan 21, 2010 by Mary    The Latest

It's Coming: Kristin & Bill

After a brief visit to Biloxi, Mississihumbackhumbacki (and learning without a doubt that it is in face Bi-LUCK-si and not Bi-LOCK-si) we are back on I 10 westward bound. And Cooper is quickly becoming the most well-traveled dog EVER. :)

I'm working away with my Starbucks Awake tea (with three extra shots of honey for a voice that is starting to fail me) and looking at these pretty people! Here's a little sneak peek of just what we have in store for you.

Crooked letter, Crooked letter

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