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Fri. Jan 30, 2009 by Mary    Life with J&M

Best Gift....EVER!!!

Check out what our girl Val got for us!! FYI, the gift of Starbucks is the gift that just keeps ON giving! And y'know...just so you know.... I DO have a birthday coming up in just under four months! :) It's never too early to start shopping, that's what I always say! :) :)

Thu. Jan 29, 2009 by Mary    Pay it Forward

ThirstRelief Mentor Auction 2009 Starts Tonight!!

Every night he brings me a glass of water before bed. He turns off all the lights, double checks the locks, takes Cooper out one more time... and brings me a glass of water before bed. It's his way of taking care of me, of providing for me. Of loving me with his whole heart. And night after night....I take it for granted.

It ALSO just so happens to be his way of breaking my bad habits. You see, every night he USED to bring me a glass of milk before bed. He would turn off all the lights, double check the locks, take C-dawg out one more time, and bring me a glass of milk before bed. And every night, like clockwork, I would drink exactly half of that glass of milk and leave the rest on the nightstand....umm for DAYS!

And yes, dear blog world, I know just exactly and to what degree of how gross I truly am.

So now it's water before bed. Day in and day out, it's become part of the fabric of our lives. The dance that centers around the glass always being half full and always being able to have a glass of clean water just any old time I want it. Heck, even Cooper gets his water from the Brita filter. Cause you know, he says it tastes better. :)

And day after day....I'm sorry to say...we take it for granted.

Enter: ThirstRelief.

This amazing organization has provided clean drinking water to over 100,000 people in just the past three years. Their mission: to overcome death and disease resulting from the consumption of contaminated water by providing safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world. And possibly, quite possibly, to give the rest of us a gentle reminder not to take all the incredible abundance that we have....for granted.

Every year ThirstRelief puts on their Mentor Auction for WPPI to raise money to provide that clean drinking water all over the world. And we are so honored that this is the second year that we've been asked to take part! We are so excited to help such an amazing organization!

So here's the dealio:
The winning bid will receive an hour and a half mentoring session with not just one, but BOTH of us!! We come as a package deal, you see:) We can either meet up in Vegas or do the session over the phone if you can't make it out this year.

IN ADDITION, the winner will ALSO receive:
Lunch on us if we meet up in Vegas
A spot to the Spread the Love of your choice!
Your own custom Portrait House "PH" shirt (think PHabulous, PHierce, etc)
Your very own Dwight bobble head!!
AND.....drumroll please....a headshot session with us on the Vegas Strip!! We'll make you look HOT for that new website you're launching or the update that you've been promising yourself you would do all year!! :)

The Info:
The auction opens TONIGHT at 6pm EST!!! You will need to go and register before you can start bidding. The auction will go until Sunday, Feb 1st when it will close at midnight! There are a TON of amazing mentors this year, so whether it is for us or someone else...just get to bidding! It's for an awesome cause!

Wed. Jan 28, 2009 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: True & Wesson

Meet: True & Wesson

Sarah True is the distinctive force behind True Event. Lucinda Wesson is the design dynamo that is Chocolate Creative Design. And you mix those two together with two parts sugar and an extra heaping helping of talent you get the creative powerhouse that IS... True & Wesson. We got together with these two back in November to shoot their new headshots for their forthcoming collaboration, and we've been waiting with bated breath for their new website to launch so that we could reveal them here for you! :) These ladies are two of the most talent women we've ever been lucky enough to call friends. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind...they are going to set the wedding industry on FIRE! I mean c'mon....just check out how HOT they are!!

And for all you brides out there, be sure to check out their BLOG here for a daily source of inspiration!

Wed. Jan 28, 2009 by Justin    The Latest

Aww... Shoot!

Just signed up with ShootQ and I gotta say so far we are BIG fans! And look, we're not the only ones!

Tue. Jan 27, 2009 by Justin    Spread the Love

Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on Spread the Love... at 11!!

Hey Guys! So due to the MASSIVE snow & ice storm they are calling for in New England tonight and tomorrow, we are postponing Spread the Love for one week to Wednesday, Feb 4th. We've tried our best to make sure we got everybody on the list via email, but we just wanted to post it here too to make sure we get everybody. If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot us an email at We've also re-opened registration for the next few days, so if you were bummed that you couldn't make it this week, here's your chance to sign up! See... silver lining people, silver lining :-)

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