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Fri. Jul 18, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Featured: Well Wed National

Wow, this is definitely the week of features!! First Indhu & Greg in The Knot magazine, then Walk Through on Style Me Pretty, and now Kayla & Brendon's absolutely stunning Wadsworth Mansion wedding has been picked up by Well Wed as one of their "national real weddings" which means it was featured in not one, but all FIVE of their regional publications!! We are just so excited because Kayla & Brendon (and Kayla's mom!) worked so SO hard on putting together all of the amazing details of this day, it was definitely a labor of love for them. So that just makes me all the happier that so many different people are going to get to see it! Such awesome news to kick this weekend off right!

We are off for a productive weekend full of getting caught up from our trip out west, adjusting back to East Coast time, and gearing up for Erin & Christian's big day tomorrow!! Whatever you're doing this weekend, we hope it makes you happy and is full of the things you love!

Happy Friday!

Wed. Jul 16, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Featured: Walk Through on Style Me Pretty

Well today is a fun day! We woke up to an email that our latest Walk Through a Wedding Workshop is being featured on the Style Me Pretty Little Black Book blog today! They put together a beautiful feature and it was so cool going back through those images and seeing all of the INCREDIBLE details that the amazing creatives who came together to make that workshop happen had created! These were some of the prettiest flowers that we have ever seen created by the amazing Carrie Wilcox! And every single detail of the day was planned flawlessly by superwoman & powerhouse event designer Miss Stacie Shea Events!

And that just got me all the more excited that they are BOTH are already on board to come out with us next month to Nantucket to put on our next Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop out there! And from what they've been telling me, they are going to go ALL OUT for this one! I seriously can't WAIT to see what they come up with!

We are down to just our LAST few spots for Nantucket, so if you've been thinking about joining us be sure to grab your seat before they're all gone! And to make it even easier, we have set up a payment plan of three payments, which means that you can reserve your spot today for just $400!! We also have a hotel block for affordable accommodations on the island, so now there isn't a good reason not to come! :) With wedding season in FULL swing, wouldn't it be amazing to give yourself the gift of a few days away to rest, re-center, and get re-inspired for the rest of the season?? I think SO! :) We would love to see you there!

**To lock in your seat to the August 20-21st Nantucket Walk Through just head over HERE!

Tue. Jul 15, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Featured: The Knot Magazine

We are so SO excited & honored to see Indhu & Greg's Miami wedding in the latest issue of The Knot! This was an incredible day, planned flawlessly by the amazing B.Belle Events & it makes my heart happy to see them in print!

Happy Tuesday!

Mon. Jul 14, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

J&M Photo Recipes

The idea came to us this past weekend while we were at WDS (aka The World Domination Summit).

We got to hear the amazing Jadah Sellner, the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, talk about using your platform to love and serve others first. She talked with incredible & powerful passion about serving people not numbers. And to focus on service, not stats. Because the truth is, you can have all the "followers" in the world, but if you aren't finding a way to serve then they're just that....numbers.

And the truth is, that is something that has been on our hearts for a long time & we've been trying to think of more & more ways to use the different platforms we have (this blog, Facebook, Instagram, in person!) to make them about something bigger than us. But it wasn't until we heard Jadah speak that this latest idea hit us like a ton of bricks with one big incredible DUH moment! :)

You see, Jadah & the Simple Green Smoothies team send daily recipes for healthy smoothies to their followers. It's that, well....simple. But it's turned into a really powerful thing. It turns out that one small daily improvement, that one small focused action....can turn into really BIG results over time. And they are helping every single person who follows them come closer to reaching their goals on a daily basis. Talk about a powerful use of platforms!

So we can we do the same thing with our community? And just like that, the idea of J&M Photo Recipes was born!

Basically, once a day during the week, we are going to be posting one of these recipes over on my Instagram page. Sometimes it will be about the lighting set up, sometimes the posing, sometimes the behind the scenes that went into it. And then we'll always try to include our settings on each image. We chose Instagram because we liked that we could a) update it daily b) everyone who follows along can be sure to see it (unlike Facebook) and c) we can hashtag it #jmphotorecipes so it creates a searchable archive of them that people can always go back through & find them all in one place. So that's it! The J&M Photo Recipes are born! If you would like to keep up with all of them, just be sure to head over HERE & follow along!

Happy Monday friends!

Wed. Jul 9, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Equipped: A Photography Workshop for Wedding Creatives!!

Today is such a fun day & a BIG announcement!!

It all started with an email from our friend & amazing florist Carrie Wilcox after she did the flowers for our last Walk Through a Wedding workshop (and who will also be helping us out on our upcoming August Nantucket Walk Through!)

She wrote to ask our advice on buying a camera, what to look for, and how best to go about photographing her arrangements before sending them out to the weddings. And then she typed the words that put everything else into motion. Basically, she asked if we would ever consider teaching a photography workshop to non-photographers! Would we be willing to put together a workshop that taught the basics of photography to other creatives- people like florists, planners, bakers & makeup artists- and show them how to get awesome pictures of their work when there isn't a professional photographer to grab some great shots for them (which would always of course be the first choice!)

Now the truth is, we've had a TON of people email us in the past to ask for camera recommendations & to see if we would ever put together a class for amateur photographers who just wanted to get to know their cameras better. And it always seemed like such a great idea, but one that we just haven't had time for before now. But I think there was just something so powerful about the idea of helping other creatives document & market their brand that really got me fired up enough to make it happen this time!

Because let's face it....we are living in a visual world! And SO much of building a successful brand & online presence comes back to having the beautiful imagery to support it. And SO many other types of wedding creatives just don't have access to a ton of beautiful images to put on their websites or images of their latest & best work... so their website aren't doing them justice! Also, if I were a planner or florist or any of the other creatives listed above, not only would I want great images of my work, I would also want some behind the scenes shots to be able to showcase myself in action & put a face and personality to the brand. And the fact is, most of the time, all of that behind the scenes action happens before the photographer even arrives to the reception... so those shots never happen. Even though they would be SO great to have on a website and to post on Facebook & Instagram, to show potential brides what they look like in action!

Add to that fact that sometimes a creative's best work might happen when it isn't for an event at all, but just playing around in the studio trying new things. And so you create this incredible thing (a bouquet, tablescape, cake design, beauty look, etc) that you are incredibly proud of....but then there's no one around to take a picture of it! And it would just be nice to know that whatever happens, you have the ability- in other words, you are equipped -to grab some great shots for yourself!

And now here's the BIG announcement part!! We are SO excited to announce today Equipped: A Photography Workshop for The Wedding Creative!!!

We just love this idea so much because we have such a heart for all kinds of small businesses, not just photographers. We first fell in love with teaching other kinds of creatives a few years back when we first took our "Spread the Love" business workshop to 20 cities across the country in 2010, and we were lucky enough to have a bunch of different kinds of creatives and small business owners (planners, florists, even realtors!) at every stop we did. And then again last year with our What's Next tour when the same thing happened! We've been lucky enough to teach business to other creatives for several years now... and SO much of what we do with marketing, building, pricing, and growing an audience for our own business also translates to those other kinds of businesses. But for whatever reason the idea of actually teaching them photography and what a NEED that fills in the industry right now didn't really sink in until Carrie's email! So C, thank you SO much for that!

Equipped will be held at our home in New Haven, CT on August 5th from 1pm-6:30pm! And just a few of the things we will be covering include:

*The basics of photography & how to get a well-exposed image
*Understanding the different settings & how they work together (introducing the exposure triangle)
*Light and the power it has to really show off what you've worked so hard to create
*The 5 rules of shooting details
*The 3 adjustments that will instantly give you better images
*How to get amazing Instagram worthy photos without using your iPhone
*What brides & editors are really looking for: putting your best foot forward
*Creating a visual brand & leveraging social media
*Growing your audience & gaining raving "Lovemark" fans for your business
*Creating a client experience worth talking about
*Portfolio & brand reviews
*and more!

So that's it!! The BIG announcement is here!! For the first time EVER, we are offering a photography workshop to non-photographers! If you are a wedding creative who is ready to get great images of ALL of your best work & rock out a visual brand worth following, then we would LOVE to have you join us for over 5 hours of awesome learning & amazing networking with fellow creatives! We can't WAIT to see you there!

Seats for Equipped will normally be $350, but for the next 48 HOURS you can grab the Early Bird rate of $295 with the code "earlybird" at check out. Click HERE to reserve your spot!

Happy Wednesday friends!

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