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Thu. Nov 20, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Thursday Announcements: LIVE Two Day Event & More!!

Happy Thursday!

There are so many exciting things going on lately & even though this seems like the time of year when things should start slowing so many ways, it's just getting started! Justin & I have SO many cool things coming up both through the end of the year & early next year that we are seriously so lucky to be a part of! And even better is that we get to do so many of them alongside amazing friends! But we realized that with so many fun things coming up, if we did an announcement post for each of them, that would make up an entire week of posts! Whew!

So enter...Thursday announcements!!

First up is that we are incredibly excited to join forces along with a bunch of awesome friends from all over the country to create a really amazing resource for photographers! The project itself is still under wraps so we can't announce exactly what it is yet, BUT 6 lucky folks are going to have the chance to be part of the making of this project!!

We’re going to be filming a TWO-day workshop on Marketing & Getting Booked in our home on December 4th & 5th, and we need a small, LIVE audience! So we’re opening up 6 seats to photographers who want to come and be a part of the filming process AND experience a two-day workshop with only 5 other photographers. Plus you'll get to hang out with us in our home by a crackling fire! S'mores may or may not (but definitely will!) be involved.

We were originally supposed to be charging for this workshop, but the more & more we thought about it...the more we (and especially Justin....God I LOVE that man!) just had it on our hearts that we wanted to do this workshop for FREE for 6 deserving photographers who could just really use a win, and some encouragement, and some life breathed into their business again after what may have been a hard season. We have been soo incredibly blessed this past year by the amazing the photographers that we've met and by the way you all have supported us & our business, workshops, etc SO much. We know we couldn't do ANY of this without you we just wanted to use this as a way to give back to the photography community at the end of the year and do something for others! We just love you guys!

**So here's how it works! Just leave a comment below either entering the giveaway for yourself or you can also nominate a friend who you feel could really just use a boost & have someone pouring into them for a change. Tell us your/their story and why you think you/they should be there & we are going to pick 6 lucky winners to join us at our home for two days & over 12 hours of teaching on how to fire up your business & get your whole calendar booked with your most ideal clients next year!! Plus how to take those bookings and turn them into the "freight train of momentum" that is going to make each year easier than the last! This two day workshop is normally a $750 value that the 6 winners will get for FREE (you just have to cover your own travel to CT & hotel) & we just can't wait to bless the socks off some people! :) And.....GO!!

In other super exciting news, we just announced the theme for our Two-Day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop on Feb 11-12th (our April one is now SOLD OUT!) Without further ado, we present to you.....Burberry & Brass!!! We just hung out with the amazing Stacie & Erica from Stacie Shea Events last night & just WAIT until you see what they have planned for this one! There may or may not be a Burberry cake in the mix! :) I'm just sayin!

AND we are SO excited to have been asked by our good friends at Seniorologie to be a guest judge along with the amazing Promise Tangeman & Arlene Evans from Creative Live in their People's Choice Awards image contest that is going right now!! If you are a Senior Photographer, head on over HERE to find out more!!

Fri. Nov 14, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Friday Notes

Happy Friday!

We are finally back home & catching our breath after a couple of whirlwind weeks including not one, but TWO Walk Through a Weddings! Whew! It's been an amazing time, but we are definitely ready to sit and sip coffee, crank everything out, close out our season strong, and get ourselves ready to take most of December off (Amen!)

It feels like life has been moving warp speed fast, so I thought in the midst of all that I would get you caught up on what's new with us. Here are just a few random thoughts on life lately:

*We watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls in one month, starting it on October 1st and finishing just in time the morning of Halloween! We were mostly watching it while editing or getting other work done, so that totally makes it ok! :)
*Lately I'm obsessed with Justin's homemade egg, bacon mcmuffins and I could eat them every day.
*Speaking of which, Justin is definitely the chef in our family! I could find a way to burn water!
*A little while back we finally got around to pulling up the nasty carpet on our first floor stairs that has probably been there since 1882. We now have plans to refinish them ourselves and I'm hoping to blog pictures of that soon!
*Our guilty pleasure lately is definitely Nashville. Ohhh that SHOW! So. much. drama. But I totally wish I could be BFF's with Rayna James.
*Justin always gives me the window seat when we fly. That's how I know he loves me! :)
*Pumpkin Buttercream & Apple Cider are the Yankee Candles that are on repeat in our house lately. I burn them approximately 23 hours a day.
*I'm really itching to put out our Christmas decorations already, but we have a "Day After Thanksgiving" rule. When do you guys put up your decorations??
*We just discovered Postmodern Jukebox and we can't get enough!
*Deciding on what to wear for new head shots is the toughest thing ever. Actually, writing your about page is the toughest thing ever, but head shots are a close second!
*I have a mild obsession with those Pottery Barn lambswool/cable knit blankets and I wish I had one in every room!
*Phantom wine is my jam & I'll be really sad when it goes back out of season next month!
*Chicken & red pepper pizza from Pepe's. That is all.

Next week, we have SO much exciting stuff coming to the blog including not one but TWO Chicago weddings and several super exciting announcements. So definitely stay tuned. But in the mean time, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend filled with Yankee Candles, home projects & amazing tv! :)

Happy Friday!

Fri. Nov 7, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Walk Through a Wedding Sneak Peek!!

Whew! We just wrapped up putting on our latest Walk Through a Wedding here in CT, which means in the last two days we've been teaching for over 20 hours!! And we are TIRED! And moving pretty slow today! But it's the best kind of tired possible because like we always say, that just means we know we gave everything that we could!

Being able to teach as part of our business has been one of the most rewarding things we could have ever imagined possible, because it means that for every single photographer we help we are also helping all of their clients and their future clients to come. It's a ripple effect that just keeps going. And that's pretty amazing! Because every time we help a photographer get even better at what they do, that just means that their couples will have their stories told in a better way too for the generations yet to come. Because what we really believe is that we are all not just photographers, we tell histories. We see people. We provide the very proof that it all started with love and the leap was always worth the risk.

We document Day 1 of the next 100 years.

And that's something we just never want to stop getting better at. We never want to stop learning. And we never want to stop helping others get there too.

This is just a sneak peek of the gorgeous day & all the fun we got to have with this amazing group! We're going to rest & recover for the next few days, but then we'll be back to share the full recap soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Friday friends!

**New dates for our 2015 Walk Through a Wedding workshops have been announced!! Click HERE for Feb 11-12th and HERE for April 8-9th!!

Tue. Nov 4, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Join Us on Showit LIVE Today!!

We are up and at em, gearing up to be on Showit LIVE today to talk all things pricing!!

Pricing is just one of those things that I think all photographers struggle with from time to time. Knowing where to position yourself in your market, charging what you're worth, and paying attention to the bottom line are things a lot of creatives don't even want to think about. But they are absolutely crucial in the success of your business and making sure each year is more successful than the last!

Today on the show we are going to be chatting about a few different pricing models, including the one we've dubbed "the Lexus Theory of Pricing" that creates a sweet spot of both booking a lot of weddings and booking your higher packages (and the momentum that kind of combination can bring!) We're going to compare a la carte and set packages. And we're going to talk about what to think about when you're setting booking goals for next year (and how to actually get there!) So if you are in a place where you are starting to think about where you want your pricing to be for next year, this will be a great start for getting you thinking in the right direction!

It's going to be a good day! If you want to join us, then just tune in HERE at 1pm EST/10am PT to join the LIVE audience! And if you can't join us, we actually talk all about our pricing strategy, including the Lexus Theory, in our ebook The Guide! We put it on special today for the show for $99 (normally $150) and you can grab your copy by clicking HERE!


Fri. Oct 24, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

If You Find This Letter

Ahhhhh I am SOO proud of my dear friend Hannah Brencher who just finished her first BOOK!! If you have ever met Hannah or heard her speak or read anything she's written pretty much EVER, then you know what an incredible, inspiring fire cracker she is! I've watched her go through this book writing process for the past year and I can tell you that she has poured her whole heart & soul into this book. I know it is going to be a game changer for SO many people out there!

The book will be out next March but it is now available for pre-order on Amazon (it's currently #1 in the Inspiration category!) And it turns out that the pre-order sales are a BIG deal in determining how the book does....they show booksellers & publishers just how many people are interested in reading an author and how the distribution goes from there. So if you are looking for a new incredible book to rock your world say somewhere around this time next March, I would SO appreciate it if you would consider heading over and placing your pre-order: If You Find This Letter: One Girl's Journey to Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers

I know you won't regret it!
Happy Friday!

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