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Mon. Feb 2, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

We've Moved: Find Our New Home on the Web!!

You have stumbled on the old home of Justin & Mary! :) To find our new place on the web, as well as to keep up with all of our latest sure to head over HERE & bookmark our new address! We can't WAIT to meet you over there!

Read the new J&M Blog!!

View the new J&M Website!!


Thu. Jan 29, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

Launch Day: The Legacy Begins

At around 1am this morning, I typed these words in our J&M newsletter: We Welcome in a New Era.... The Legacy Begins.

And you guys, that day is HERE!! A day that is over a year (and our entire career really) in the making! We have been dreaming, designing, thinking up, changing, pushing to be better, and dreaming again for the last year. And now there is no more waiting. There is no more left to do. The only thing that remains is to put this out into the world....and pop the champagne!! But first, I need to make it absolutely clear that this would NEVER have happened without some really amazing & important people.

To Jennifer Olmstead: Jen, what do I even begin to say here? First and foremost, the world should know that you are the BEST in the world at what you do. From the very first second we got to watch you work, we knew we were witnessing true genius. But it's not just that you are the most ridiculously TALENTED person on the planet...I think what has impressed me even more (who knew that was possible) is your heart, your ability to love people and make everyone feel welcome, to juggle creating the most beautiful designs ever seen while taking care of a baby AND serving up custom gourmet dinners, and to somehow be absolutely on top of one million tiny details all at once...all without batting an eye. I told you this and I meant it: you are UNFLAPPABLE. You're one of those rare women who truly can juggle it all, all without a hair out of place....and the most impressive thing is that you use it all to make others shine. We hired you because we recognized an artist who was committed to her craft. We come out the other side having found a true friend who we are better people for knowing. We LOVE you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

To Ross, Alina, Dmitri, and the whole team at Flosites: We basically asked you guys to work feats of modern marvels & video miracles, to do it all on an incredibly short timeline, to double your efforts and give us the inverse look of the site just for fun, and to add countless bonus items at the REALLY last minute! And you did it all! You amaze us. And we are SO SO grateful!

To Matt & Carissa Kennedy: for getting up super early in the freezing cold to do videos & head shots for us, even though you had already been pulling such long days, for giving us not only beautiful photos and films....but images that captures exactly who we are in a palpable way...and most of all for being the kind of friends who do things like that and never even think twice. We are so thankful to call you friends and that you guys are in our life!

To Tiffany Farley: for being my sounding board, talking me off ledges, pushing me to stick to my gut and what we want to stand for in our legacy, for your beautiful work and taking head shots of us in the freezing rain, for helping us to dream up the giveaways to help launch the site, and for sending encouraging songs to help keep my heart up. Your friendship is a gift that I continue to be more & more thankful for every day.

And finally Justin: I don't know what else to say that this site doesn't say already. But just know that your unfailing love (without fear, without question) inspired every good thing in this site. And I see love because I was first loved by you.

Ok, on to the site! Now before you head over, we want to tell you about a few of our favorite parts that you want to be sure not to miss (there are all sorts of twists & turns & surprises over there to discover!) and our recommendation for what order to look at things to have the most fun with it! :) Also, we are doing a huge NEVER been done before giveaway that you will NOT want to miss, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for that!

So we think that you should head to the website first (and then the new blog after we finish will make more sense this way!) On there, here are a few of our favorite parts that you DON'T want to miss!:

-When you first get there, click on The Legacy first. It's one of our favorite parts of the whole site!!
-After you explore the Legacy, I would head back to the home page and click on Galleries. This is also one of our favorite parts of the site because of what our three galleries are: The Weddings, The Moments & The Generations. And you are DEFINITELY going to want to watch The Weddings all the way through...I'm just sayin! :)
-From there head on over to Collections and end on the Checklist of the J&M Bride. We LOVE this part!
-Then it's time to explore the World of J&M. There are a LOT of things to see there, so make sure you check them all out. Especially our Life Behind the Lens part and our favorite Things!
-Finally spend some time clicking around Collections & check out all of those pages, especially Press & Praise....they are blush and SO gorgeous! Some of the prettiest on the site!
-Then it's time to head on over & explore the blog! (note that we are still fixing just a couple of hiccups depending on which browser you look in...feel free to just ignore that! :)

Ok! Here it is.... the brand new link for our Brand new site...Justin & Mary: The Weddings!! But first, make sure you know about the giveaway....because it will come in handy when you go to the site!!

And now the giveaway!!! Are you guys ready for this??

For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you know we have been doing our 5 Day Giveaway leading up to the launch with each day getting better than the one before! Well today is DEFINITELY the biggest day of all because today we are doing something we have NEVER done before! It's pretty crazy actually!

The winner of our Day 5 giveaway is going to get some of our favorite things including $250 to J.Crew and a FREE blog design from the gorgeous Tonic Site Shop ($250 value).....AND here it is, wait for it.....they are ALSO going to get their very own private Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop put on for just them with us as their personal instructors!! We are going to cover ALL of the Walk Through content as if it were the real deal, but it will be just you & us so it's like your own personal workshop! This is a $5000 value!! Pretty crazy, right?? But we also know that it's not just photographers who are reading this, so for all you brides & non-photographers out there....if one of YOU wins, then we are going to gift you your very own Iconic NYC anniversary shoot in the City with us and a Leather Craftsmen album of the shoot afterwards (also a $5000 value!) So there you....everybody wins!! :)

**To enter, all you have to do is 1) take a screen shot of your favorite part of the new site and post it on Instagram. 2) write something about the new brand and make sure to include " @marymarantz @justinmarantz @tonicsiteshop #jmnewbrand " in the text of your comment (we won't see it otherwise!) 3) make sure you are following all 3 of us to win (we will verify!) Ok, that's it!!

Go have fun exploring!! Here's to new beginnings!

***Also, for anyone who has been on the fence about getting on board with Tonic, you should definitely get off of the fence and DO it! And as extra bonus, Tonic has given us 15% off to give to all of you for anyone who signs up for a blog or site with them in the next two weeks!! Just use the code "CHEERSTOJ&M" !!

Wed. Jan 28, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

One Day Left: Tomorrow is the BIG Day!!

You guys.

How is this even possible?? We are down to just ONE day left (25 hours to be specific).....because tomorrow at 11am EST, we are going LIVE with our brand spankin' new website, blog & brand!! AHHHH!

As you can imagine, there are just under 5,622 things still left to do so I am hopping right back off of here to get back at it! But in the mean time, set your reminders, break out the confetti, stock up on the champagne....because TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! Whooo to the HOOO!!

And in the mean time, if you haven't yet be SURE to head over to Instagram & get in on all the awesome giveaways. Because today we are partnering with the amazing Katelyn James (who just launched her gorgeous new brand last week if you haven't checked it out yet! So incredible!) for our 4th day of giveaways....and UMMMMMM it's pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves!!! Oh how I wish I could enter these contests myself! :)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Tue. Jan 27, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

The Seek Devotional

Happy Tuesday friends!

I was SO honored a while back when my good friend Karen Stott, founder of the Pursuit Community & Intentional Home, asked me to write one of the devotionals for a 21 day study she was putting together called Seek. This whole devotional & study is centered around the idea of taking a few weeks to lay down the things that normally occupy our minds....and more importantly our hearts. Things like worry, comparison, more of us, striving. And focus more on drawing closer to God again. I am SO excited to go through this study myself, each entry written by some of my favorite ladies on the PLANET. And just filled to the brim with so much goodness & heart!

Here is a little excerpt from mine:

"I was reading through the Psalms on a particularly worry-filled day recently, when this verse stopped me right in my tracks. The truth is, I have a tendency to be a worrier. Ok, who am I kidding? The real truth is, I have a tendency to be a veritable tornado of worry. I’ll start by thinking about one simple thing that I have yet to do and that will lead me to thinking about another thing that I still haven’t done. And then another and another. And another. And before you know it, I’ve whipped myself up into a frenzy of frenetic energy, twisting and turning in on herself, in a downward cyclone spiral that would make even Helen Hunt proud. (“I gotta go Julia, we got cows!”) And the path of destruction continues until I have reduced myself to nothing more than a list of what has not yet been done, leaving no remnants of peace & joy in its wake. Oh friends, do you feel me on that? The truth is when I pray, when I try to hand my worries over to God, I tend to play it small. I tend to say things like “God if You could just get me through this” or “God if You could just help us to get by during this crazy time.” But when I stumbled upon this verse, I’m here to tell you it smacked the small right out of me...."

We would love for you to join us as we go through the SEEK devotional together starting February 1st! You can head HERE to get your very own FREE digital copy! Or if you prefer holding a book, we have those too! Soft & Hardcover books are available at the same link, and the best part is that $3 from every copy goes to support Pursuit in building a house at Mercy Child Care in Uganda! And if you have any friends you think that would like to join in, be sure to let them know to grab their copy too!

Finally friends, we are just TWO days from launching our new brand, website & blog!! And today we are also doing our third day of giveaways and for this one we are actually partnering with Karen to give you guys something extra special that we both love! Be sure to head over to INSTAGRAM to get in on the fun!!


Photo Credit: Kristine Neeley

Mon. Jan 26, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

Three Days to Launch: Instagram Giveaways!!

Ohhh friends, it is getting REAL over here!! We are just 3 days from launch & we are on our 2nd day of the 5 Day Giveaway of things that helped inspire our new brand that we started yesterday on INSTAGRAM for $50 to Restoration Hardware!! If you aren't following along yet, there are still 4 amazing prizes up for grabs, so be sure to head over HERE & follow along!

Today we have one of our favorite things ever up for grabs! One of our main three words for the new site is "Iconic" and we wanted this new look to help make it clear that that is one of the things we want our work to stand for & be known for. And to attract the kind of couples who want exactly that! And one of the biggest sources of inspiration for both the site & our work has always been Vanity Fair, specifically this 100 Years book! It is GORGEOUS & packed full of photo inspiration. So THAT'S what we're giving away today!! To enter, head on over to INSTAGRAM & look for this post!


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