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Tue. Aug 12, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Taking a Blogging Sabbatical!

Sooooooo. I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Next month will mark seven years that I've been blogging pretty much every day Monday through Friday on here. And...that's a lot.

It's a lot to think of new posts. It's a lot to think of the words. It's a lot to put out there & not really be sure if it's making quite the difference I want to be making in the world amidst all the noise. Because with Facebook, Instagram, and all the other news feeds out there...let's face it, there is definitely a LOT of noise these days.

And it's become kind of this grind. This thing I show up to every morning where just getting something up is more important than what I'm actually getting to say. The passion for it is gone. Me having time to write things that matter is gone. Because the next morning rolls around sooner than you think & the whole process starts over again. I've seen that in our blog & I've definitely seen it happening in our friends' blogs out there too. And the truth is, we just have some really big dreams & some really big things happening for us that we want to be freed up to work on. We don't want to just keep doing it the same way because that's how we've always done them. The world is changing & we are changing too. We leapt & started this business in the first place because we didn't want to get caught up in the "supposed to's" of this life.

So it would be a real shame if we let ourselves get caught up in them now.

So after seven years, I've decided I'm giving myself a break! A chance to step back & really think about what I want to say, what I want this blog to be & stand for, a chance to get creative and write for me and shoot for us. A chance to free up 4-8 hours every day to live more of life, to get work done on the things that matter & the big projects that fall by the wayside all while I stop everything to get a post up. To rest and breathe and feel passionate again. To fill the tank. To get some clarity on what the next steps look like for us and get excited again. To get FIRED UP again. To adapt. To innovate. To lead and not follow. To do what has not already been done. To just give ourselves space to be human and take off the superwoman cape. To not feel so BUSY every day and wear that like some sort of badge of honor (which let's get clear on is NOT now nor will it ever be!) And instead, to slow down and be an artist again. To be a crafter of words and pictures. To be able to write the kinds of pieces that are really on my heart & step out more as a writer. To do work that in every way matters and feeds my soul. Not just work that fills a checkmark.

So in pursuit of giving ourselves that space, we have decided to take a sabbatical of sorts for the rest of the Summer to test the waters, clean the slate, and take a step back to gain some perspective. For the next several weeks, I'm going to be blogging somewhere between 1-2 posts a week (or if I don't have anything to say, then zero!) and we will also be shaking up how we approach the posts (more on that once I figure it out! :) And honestly, just even writing these words was such a huge relief so I know it's going to be so great for us!

***In the mean time, you guys can REALLY help us out by taking part in a little survey of sorts in the comment box below. We would really appreciate it if you let us know if a) you prefer to just keep up with photographers on Facebook & Instagram or if you enjoy coming over the blog/ are you reading photography blogs and b) what kinds of posts you get the most out of/most enjoy reading/ would want to see stay moving forward. It would be a HUGE help! Thanks in advance guys!

Thank you guys so much for being with us for the ride! I think it's only going to get better from here!

Thu. Aug 7, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Portfolio

Happy Thursday friends!!

As Justin & I are closing in on our new brand, one of the most important decisions we've been having to make is which images are going to make it into our new galleries on our site. We want them to stand for what we want to shoot, the style we want to be known for, and attract our most ideal clients. That's a lot to ask of just 20-30 images! And it's been SO tough to narrow them down!

One of the things that we always do in our J&M Mentoring Sessions & on the second day of our Walk Through a Wedding workshop is to go through each person's website, i.e. their "online portfolio." Because that's what the website really is, it's a way of saying "this is my best work, this is who I am as an artist and a person, this is what you can expect from me if you hire me."

And over the course of time through doing a LOT of these mentoring sessions and workshops, we have noticed a pretty common theme of mistakes that almost everyone makes with their portfolio. We've identified 7 of them in fact! And we are going to be sending them out to our newsletter community this afternoon!

We've included one below to get you started, but if you want to read about all 7 then be sure to click HERE to get signed up for our newsletter to receive this one & all of our future free tips & tricks newsletters to come!

Have an amazing day friends!

1. Try not to show too many images from the same wedding, especially in a row It's ok to have a featured gallery of images from one wedding that is off by itself. But in your more general galleries, try not to put in too many images from the same wedding especially if you have them in there in a row side by side. The biggest problem with doing this, is that it can start to make it feel like maybe you haven't shot that many weddings and that can really scare off potential brides. If you have plenty of weddings to draw from & it's been a while since you've updated your gallery, then just go in and swap out some newer work where you have too many images from one wedding. If it's the case that you ARE just getting started & don't have a ton of weddings to draw from yet, then just make sure you scatter them up in the gallery which will keep it more interesting & make sure the viewer stays more engaged in what's coming next. And as you shoot more, just make sure you're adding new weddings to that gallery as soon as you can!

Tue. Jul 29, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Lace & Loyalty Giveaway!!

Well this is a fun day!!

Recently our friends over at the newly launched Lace and Loyalty wedding & marriage blog were posting pictures from their shop, including this amazing grey hoodie with gold foil writing that says "Wifey for Lifey." I instantly fell in love with it & left a note saying how awesome it was. And not more than a few days later a box was sitting on our front porch with my very own shirt as a gift from these amazing ladies! How INCREDIBLE is that??

What's even cooler is that they also agreed to give us one to be able to give away to one go our lucky readers! This makes my heart happy because so many of our giveaways are just for photographers, but this one can be for photographers AND our brides (past, present & future!!)

To enter, just leave a comment in the box below saying hi & we are going to announce the winner on Friday! And...GO!!

Happy Tuesday!

Fri. Jul 18, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Featured: Well Wed National

Wow, this is definitely the week of features!! First Indhu & Greg in The Knot magazine, then Walk Through on Style Me Pretty, and now Kayla & Brendon's absolutely stunning Wadsworth Mansion wedding has been picked up by Well Wed as one of their "national real weddings" which means it was featured in not one, but all FIVE of their regional publications!! We are just so excited because Kayla & Brendon (and Kayla's mom!) worked so SO hard on putting together all of the amazing details of this day, it was definitely a labor of love for them. So that just makes me all the happier that so many different people are going to get to see it! Such awesome news to kick this weekend off right!

We are off for a productive weekend full of getting caught up from our trip out west, adjusting back to East Coast time, and gearing up for Erin & Christian's big day tomorrow!! Whatever you're doing this weekend, we hope it makes you happy and is full of the things you love!

Happy Friday!

Wed. Jul 16, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Featured: Walk Through on Style Me Pretty

Well today is a fun day! We woke up to an email that our latest Walk Through a Wedding Workshop is being featured on the Style Me Pretty Little Black Book blog today! They put together a beautiful feature and it was so cool going back through those images and seeing all of the INCREDIBLE details that the amazing creatives who came together to make that workshop happen had created! These were some of the prettiest flowers that we have ever seen created by the amazing Carrie Wilcox! And every single detail of the day was planned flawlessly by superwoman & powerhouse event designer Miss Stacie Shea Events!

And that just got me all the more excited that they are BOTH are already on board to come out with us next month to Nantucket to put on our next Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop out there! And from what they've been telling me, they are going to go ALL OUT for this one! I seriously can't WAIT to see what they come up with!

We are down to just our LAST few spots for Nantucket, so if you've been thinking about joining us be sure to grab your seat before they're all gone! And to make it even easier, we have set up a payment plan of three payments, which means that you can reserve your spot today for just $400!! We also have a hotel block for affordable accommodations on the island, so now there isn't a good reason not to come! :) With wedding season in FULL swing, wouldn't it be amazing to give yourself the gift of a few days away to rest, re-center, and get re-inspired for the rest of the season?? I think SO! :) We would love to see you there!

**To lock in your seat to the August 20-21st Nantucket Walk Through just head over HERE!

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