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Mon. May 5, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

Naval Academy Anniversary Shoot: Jessica & Eric

Happy Monday friends!

Today we are SO excited to kick off the week right with this romantic Naval Academy anniversary shoot that we did last week with Jessica & Eric right after we got back from Antigua! Jessica is an awesome photographer herself in Austin, Texas who met her incredible husband Eric at the Naval Academy when she attended a ball there (their story is seriously like a fairytale!) He bumped in to her...and just like that, she fell hard! :) Ten years later, they are as in love as ever. So they flew in all the way from Texas and we drove down & met them in Annapolis to recreate the day they met. Jessica brought two incredible dresses for the shoot (and even wore a tiara for the second one!) and we had an amazing time shooting all around the campus with them! Even though it absolutely poured while we were there, these guys were total troopers & up for anything....and looking back now, I think it totally made the shoot. The rain just made it all the more romantic! Enjoy!!


Thu. Apr 10, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

J&M Editorial: Rene in Red

Here it is! The latest J&M Editorial Shoot: Rene in Red!!

Photography: Justin & Mary
Location: The Studio
Model: Rene Tate

April 4th AM SOLD OUT
April 4th PM SOLD OUT
April 16th AM SOLD OUT
April 16th PM SOLD OUT
May 9th PM
May 29th AM
May 29th PM SOLD OUT
June 11th AM SOLD OUT
June 11th PM SOLD OUT

J&M's Lighting Intensive- New Haven, CT on May 8, 2014
J&M Lighting Intensive - Seattle, WA on July 8, 2014
Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M - New Haven on November 5-6, 2014

Thu. Mar 13, 2014 by Justin    Portraits

J&M Editorial: Hamburg, Germany

A few favorites from the lighting portion of our class in Hamburg yesterday! We had some amazing models & they totally rocked it!


Mon. Mar 10, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Sara & Mike

Happy Monday friends!!

Today we're going to kick your week off right with the absolutely adorable Sara & Mike! We got to meet up with these guys for a mentoring session while we were out at United. And since they never really had wedding pictures, they decided to use their mini-headshots for a couples shoot instead. From the second we started, I just fell in love with their love. I adore how comfortable they are with one another. How she makes him laugh and he brings her calm. From this line of work that we're in, we've gotten really good at knowing really great love when we see it. And I can tell you that these two have it! One of my absolute favorite parts of the whole shoot was when I asked Mike (who is a pastor) to pray for Sara. The instant change in the depth of their connection was palpable. And you could feel it in the air. It made me realize even further that this thing that we do is not about walking every couple through the same 27 poses in pursuit of pretty. But to look for the real connection between two people that only they have, and that's what makes it beautiful!


Sun. Feb 16, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Christy & Tsone

Last week Tsone came down from Canada to attend our Walk Through a Wedding workshop (it STILL blows my mind how far people have traveled in for these workshops! At this last one, we had folks from Canada, California, Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, Maryland, Pittsburgh, and of course CT!!). And since he was coming all this way, he decided to go ahead & make a whole trip out of it with his amazing girlfriend Christy, including hiring us to do a couple's shoot of them all around Yale!

Now let me tell you, on the day of our shoot it was COLD! Coooooold! It was like Antartica wrapped in an igloo wrapped in an ice cream sundae. Cold! Like the kind of cold where you can't feel your fingers to push the shutter anymore cold. But these guys & they're amazing hearts just smiled right through it. And when it got too cold to cuddle, they would bust out some killer dance moves to warm back up! So I mean c'mon, how are you NOT going to shoot your heart out for two people like that?!

Christy & Tsone, it was truly an honor meeting you both. This thing that we do for a living has trained us to observe very quickly when a couple just fits, when everything about them works, when they will be one of the truly great couples of our time that inspires everyone around them. The way you help one another, the way you love one another, the way you take care of one another. That's what you guys are. I see it in you. And if/when the day comes that you two decide to get married....I am totally calling DIBS on the wedding!! :) :)

Love love love you guys!

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