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Mon. Jan 19, 2015 by Mary    Pay it Forward

Intentional Home Prints

I love a good inspirational quote. I follow accounts that post them on Instagram, search for them on Pinterest. I read them out to Justin while we're driving in the car. And I keep a folder called "inspiration" full of them on my desktop. I just think in a world that can be really negative & cynical, we could all use a little more inspiration!

That is why I am LOVING these prints that one of my dearest friends Karen Stott- she's the genius behind the Pursuit Community and most recently Intentional Home- put together. She has all of these different amazing designs, where some of them are about love and some of them are scriptures...and they are all just beautiful!!

And the best part??

ALL of the proceeds from every print she sells are going to fund their adoption so they can bring a new little life into their family, and show them the same love and care she gives everyone around her! I got 10 prints of my own when I was at the Pursuit conference and I can't wait to get them all framed and make a gallery wall in our home out of them. I already know I'm going to love being surrounded by all that inspiration! If you would like to grab some prints of your own and helps support the Intentional Home Adoption Project and an amazing cause, you can view the full store HERE.

**AND to make this post extra fun, we are giving away $50 in credit to the Intentional Home store to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment below saying hi & we will the winner later this week! And...GO!!


Thu. Dec 4, 2014 by Justin    Pay it Forward

30 Days to Support the Delight Girls!!

I first met the wonderful Kristin Wall a few years back at the Pursuit 31 Conference & I have since had the honor of watching her love & support everyone around her! From the people at the conference to her neighbors at home who were affected by a wildfire to young girls all over the country who are growing closer in their walk with God and the creative hearts they were called to be...Kristin just loves people! That's why she helped start a ministry called Delight with the mission of mentoring, encouraging and ministering in a real, relevant, and personal way to young girls who are passionate about their faith and the creative arts.

I have been so blown away by their mission for this group (they are even building a home called the Delight House where they can host retreats for these girls) and for the community that has sprung up around it. All of the Delight girls we have had the honor of meeting have been the sweetest, most servant hearted people! We just love them!

And now they need our help! They have a goal of raising $10,000 to get their non-profit status and they are already MORE THAN HALFWAY there!! They are SOOO close!! So we are just asking that if this speaks to your heart & you want to help that you head on over HERE and make a small donation, even $10 would be amazing! I know these girls would appreciate it SO much! And so would we!! :)

To learn more about Delight, you can visit them at their website HERE
Follow them on Instagram: @delightandbe
Check out their blog
And watch the video


Fri. Jun 7, 2013 by Mary    Pay it Forward

Daniel Mast Memorial Fund Auction

Happy Friday you guys,

I know Fridays tend to be the days for lighter posts as we all head into the weekend. But today I come to you with a heavy heart & a really important cause that I hope you guys can help me support. We received an email a few days back from the amazing Rita Wiebner letting us know about a photographer in her area who was lost very suddenly & just months before his wife is due to have their third baby. When I heard that, my heart honestly broke & I can't even imagine what that would be just made me want to go and hold on to Justin as tight as I can.

Rita & her husband Joel have done the amazing thing of setting up a charity auction to help raise money for the family as they deal with this terrible time. We have donated a seat to our upcoming June 11 & 12th Walk Through a Wedding workshop, and tons of others like Mike Colon, Melissa & Jerry Ghionis, Denis Reggie and Sean & Mel McClellan have joined in too. I want to ask you guys the HUGE favor of going over & seeing if there's anything you'd be willing to bid on. If you've been thinking about coming to Walk Through & haven't had the chance, this is the opportunity to not only come but to know that every dollar is making a huge impact in somebody's life who really needs it right now. If you want to big on the auction, you can do it by heading over HERE. The auction closes on Sunday so the winner can make it up to CT in time for the be sure to head over before then!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys!

The national wedding & portrait photography community has come together to support the family of photographer Daniel Mast. Daniel's passing on May 21, 2013 was sudden and tragic. There has been an overwhelming amount of donations and support, and items to be auctioned off include (but are not limited to): photography workshop seats, mentor sessions, WPPI convention passes, photographer goods and products. All proceeds raised in these online auctions will go directly to Daniel's wife, Rebecca, to help support her and her 2 boys, and the 3rd baby which is due any day. We thank you for your support!

On May 21st, 2013 we lost an amazing friend. Daniel Mast was a man of God who was passionate about life, his family and photography. He was an adventurer, a free spirit and the kind of friend you hope everyone is lucky enough to have in their lives. He leaves behind his wife Rebecca and three children, Ryan (4) and James (2) and a third child due to be born in June. Daniel lived life fully, he dreamt big and loved bigger.

Mon. May 27, 2013 by Mary    Pay it Forward

Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day friends!

Wherever you are today, I hope you are bbq-ing something good, sipping something tasty, making time for the people who matter most...and wearing something preppy! :) I hope you get to walk on a beach collecting sea shells, as the smell of sizzling hamburgers wafts through the air. Or sit in a backyard listening to Van Morrison, and drinking homemade lemonade just before you head to the hammock.

But above all, wherever you are today and whatever you're doing, I hope we all pause to give thanks for those who are called to serve. For our generation's protectors and defenders, and the ones who came before. For the ones who gave us the freedom to only have to worry whether it will be hot dogs or hamburgers, beach or backyard. Today we remember again as always, that freedom does not come for free.

Here's to the start of summer!
So much love,

Wed. Mar 27, 2013 by Mary    Pay it Forward

Disney Giveaway Shoot: Sonya & Steven

A year ago during our WPPI Platform we showed this video that told Sonya & Steven's story of how he was deployed in Afghanistan when she was pregnant and gave birth without him back in the States to their first child, baby Grace. Then we surprised everyone in the room and brought them up on stage.

These guys knew they were there to surprise everyone in the room, but what they didn't know is that once they were up there....we had a surprise for them. We said that since they had missed out on the magic of sharing the first few months of Grace's life together, we thought we would do something to bring a little magic back. So we gave them 4 days & 3 nights in Walt Disney World, and Justin & I would fly down to do a shoot of them while they were there.

We scheduled the trip for this year right before the What's Next Tour, and right before Steven had to deploy again. When we saw them, it turns out that Sonya is now pregnant with their second child. And everything- the deployment, the due date, how long he'll be gone after- is lining up to be just like the first time. That Steven will be out serving his country when he misses the birth of now his second child. When I asked them why they would do this, knowing how hard it was to be apart the first time....they both simply said, "Because we want our kids to know our life was about something bigger than ourselves."

Gah! I LOVE these guys! And for me, I think the best surprise that came out of all of this had nothing to do with WPPI or Platform talks. It didn't even have anything to do with Disney World or mouse ears. The best surprise for me is the friends for life we've found in these two. And what an honor it is to know them. Because honestly, they make us want to be better people! Ladies & Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, Officer Steven Verblaauw, his wife Sonya & (not quite a baby anymore!) Little Miss Grace!!

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