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Tue. Nov 27, 2012 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Kayla & Brendon

They met at orientation.

Well, to be more precise, her orientation. You see, Brendon was already a Freshman at UMASS at this point. So he did what any seasoned, upstanding upperclassmen would do....he went to lend a hand & to see if the next year's class held any promise for pretty girls. :) But as it turned out, that very first day he would meet an extra pretty girl who held the promise of, well, everything. Without even knowing it, when he took her hand he was meeting his future wife. The same girl that he would take back to that same spot on campus several years later to ask for the rest of forever.

Because for these two, forever began on day one.

Recently, we met up with Kayla & Brendon to walk all around their new neighborhood in Brooklyn and spend time in some of their favorite spots. And we did it all accompanied by their favorite bundle of fur, the very appropriately named little Amherst after the town that started it all. We spent time wandering the side streets. gazing up at the Brooklyn Bridge, nearly getting run over in the bike lane, and drinking some of the richest hot chocolate I've ever tried (seriously, it was like a chocolate bar melted in a cup....and YES, it was as amazing as it sounds!!). These two are getting married next year at the Wadsworth Mansion in what I am sure is going to be an incredible, smile-filled, love-filled day. I wouldn't expect anything less from these two. We can't wait to share their big day, but for now allow me to introduce you to one of our sweetest couples ever as you....

Meet: Kayla & Brendon (& Amherst!)

Wed. Jun 15, 2011 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Malika & Arjun

Alright friends! I want you to go ahead and get comfortable, because over the next few days we are going to be bringing you a veritable blogging marathon to get caught up on the triple header we shot right before Houston, as well as the four other weddings & shoots we've done since then! Whew.

First up, let's kick things off with the super sweet Malika & Arjun, whose "Get to Know You" shoot we got to do while we were out in Seattle. These guys are doing the long distance route of Washington (DC) to Washington (y'know.. the state) for the rest of the year until their wedding in DC in October. So we knew for them we wanted to do a shoot centered all around their perfect day being reunited back in Seattle. They told us they love cupcakes (um, yes please), mojitos, reading (him on the kindle, her in real books) and hanging out at the market at Pike Place. And just like that, a theme was born.

Meet the incredibly beautiful: Malika & Arjun


Malika & Arjun are also up & coming photographers themselves, so we decided to close out the shoot on the beach by making them work a little! :) Work it, lemme work it!

The sunset over the beach was jaw-dropping. As are these two!

And here was the design board I put together for these guys!

Fri. Apr 29, 2011 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Lara & Peter

Good morning! Happy Saturday! And happy very last day of April!

I hope you all have something really wonderful planned to soak in every minute. We definitely do, and it starts with finally revealing to you the "Get to Know You" shoot we just did up in Cape Cod that matches up to that design board I showed you on Thursday. So sit down, brace yourselves for their awesomeness, and....

Meet: Lara & Peter

First let me start off by saying this: I LOVE Lara & Peter. Love, love, love them. They are sweet and funny and just generally love being around each other. And that makes our job as photographers a breeze. But when you add in the fact that Lara is also a photographer, I knew we were going to have one incredible shoot on our hands. And it also made me realize that these guys would be the perfect candidates for two new things I've been wanting to try.

The first is that we want to start working really closely with our couples on styling the shoots. We know that coming up with ideas when you don't eat, sleep & breathe this stuff can be really hard. But we also know that the shoots where the couples have really infused their personalities and the things they love into the day are SO much better. And personally they get us so fired up, so I just think we get better pictures. So we wanted to start helping each and every one of our couples do that by working with them on creating a design board for their shoot (you can see Lara & Peter's design board by clicking HERE).

We knew that Lara & Peter would have no trouble coming up with awesome ideas on their own since Lara is a photographer herself, but we picked them to start doing the design boards with because we knew they would really run with it. And we love that about them! So how does it work? We start by asking what kinds of ideas they have for the shoot and what they love to do together, and from there we turn it into a theme and ultimately a design board. And the hope is that design board will act like a packing list of what they need to bring, and just get us all on the same page for the vibe. And hopefully in the process take our shoots to the next level. We've only done one so far, but so far...I'd say it's working! As expected, these guys rocked. it. OUT!

The second thing that we wanted to start trying is blogging our shoots in grids. We've been leaning this way for a while now, because it's much closer to how we design our albums and also has more of that design board feel. Since Lara & Peter's shoot had so many phenomenal details and different looks, we knew they would be the perfect ones to try it out on. And I'm really psyched with how it turned out... I hope you guys like it too!


PS: Lara & Peter, seriously there are no words! Thank you for everything.....for the Cape, for showing us around, for the fish & chips. But mostly for being who you are. We are so, so lucky to call you friends....and I fully expect many trips to the Cape together in our future! :) We can't wait for the big day in September!!

Thu. Apr 28, 2011 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Design Board: Lara & Peter

A little something for the evening crew. Here's a sneak peek of what's on deck for tomorrow. :)

Fri. Apr 8, 2011 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Katie & Joseph

Happy Friday everyone!

We are getting ready to go scout for Malika & Vinay's Temecula wedding tomorrow, but we wanted to send you off into your weekend with something pretty to look at. And right now, I can't think of anything prettier to show you than Katie & Joseph among the cherry blossoms. These two are adorable squared, and I know you're going to love them as much as I do. I hope you enjoy!


These are the original columns of the Capitol and they are maybe one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

And finally, we wrapped up at a real New Orleans-style speak easy, complete with fancy champagne and slow gin fizz. It was heaven.

Katie & Joseph, we love you guys!! And we can't wait to see you in June!

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