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Tue. Jul 22, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Chicago Engagement Shoot: Nicole & Jeff

While we were out in Chicago last week, we actually got to do two engagement shoots with our J&M couples...both who are getting married later this Fall. But a love of autumn wedding dates isn't all these two couples have in common! You see, Sheila (who you will remember from our University of Chicago engagement shoot we just posted) was a former classmate of Justin's in the photo program at RIT, and Nicole is a former classmate of mine at Yale Law. She was actually a year ahead of me, and my first year she was my "Big Sis" in the Yale Law Women's group! So we dubbed this the week of alumni shoots!! :)

Nicole was also the director of the Yale Law Revue -our year end comedy show (think Saturday Night Live, but with law jokes!)- my first year & passed the director title down to me the following year. So basically what that means is that she's super funny AND super smart, not to mention beautiful! She is now off in Chicago taking the legal field by storm & that's where she met Jeff! These two share a love of their bulldog Basil, their super cute Chicago neighborhood, and sushi....all of which we got to enjoy with them while we were out there! Here are just a few favorites from our shoot & we can't wait to head back out that way at the end of September for the BIG day!


Thu. Jul 17, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

University of Chicago Engagement: Sheila & Jon

We got an email from Sheila last year & on the inquiry form where it said "On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you to have J&M shoot your wedding?"....she said it was a 20! :) That's when I first knew she definitely had to be a J&M bride.

We emailed back & forth in preparation for their engagement shoot & Sheila sent me a picture of the incredible navy Modcloth dress she was going to be wearing. She described it as a "poofy, retro-inspired, party dress." And that's when I knew she most definitely was our ideal J&M Bride.

But it was afterr the shoot, after we were on our way back home, when we got not one, but two emails- one from Sheila AND one from Jon thanking us for everything....that's when I knew that we had been lucky enough to book our ideal J&M COUPLE! The kind where we just connect so much with both of them, they are both so super kind & thoughtful, they have amazing, classic style, they are funny, they are both into planning the wedding, they both value photography, love the work and knew they wanted to work with us in particular, and they are the kind of people you just want to be friends with....the kind of people where you are the best version of yourself when you're around them. Now THAT'S our idea couple!

Earlier this week, we got together with Sheila & Jon to shoot all around the University of Chicago campus. As soon as we walked through our first stone archway & saw the ivy growing up the felt like we were home! And we thought....these are our people! :) I have to admit, I think the UC campus might even be a little prettier than the Yale Campus. And that's saying something! Everywhere you looked, there was some new amazing corner to shoot in! Let's just put it this way, it took us about a half an hour to walk twenty feet, we just kept seeing so much we loved! This is a classic photographer's DREAM backdrop and we were loving every minute of it!

I think this shoot was made even better because Sheila & Jon are both creatives themselves, so photography & art are really important to them. Jon is a designer & Sheila is actually photographer herself (she & Justin were at RIT at the same time!) who does a lot of editorial work in Chicago, so it was such a HUGE honor to be asked to be her photographer! We were joking that I think this must be the year of the photographer wedding because Sheila's will be our FIFTH photographer wedding of the year! Amazing!

Sheila & Jon we had the BEST time hanging out with you guys and seeing a part of Chicago we've never seen before! We loved every minute of getting to know you guys, hearing your story, and winding up the night in a pub together. It just got us SO excited for the wedding & now we can't wait until October to see you guys again! Until then, here are a few of our favorites from our time together!

So much love!

Thu. Jun 5, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Coastal Connecticut Engagement Shoot: Shayna & Ross

We met up with Shayna & Ross a couple of days ago when they drove up from Manhattan to do their engagement shoot with us & go over a few final details before their BIG day later this month! We had absolutely gorgeous weather, so while we waited for the light to get a little lower we sipped some wine and talked about life. Shayna is the little sister of one of our amazing past J&M Brides, Beryl, and we were SO excited when she emailed us about her own day! This is definitely the year of the sibling weddings as we are shooting THREE sisters of our past brides this year! We just LOVE when that happens because it means we get to stay a part of these families' lives for even longer & reconnect with our past couples!

Shayna & Ross are such an amazing couple! Besides being completely beautiful, they are also both so successful! Ross is in finance & Shayna is finishing up her residency for anesthesiology, all while planning an amazing wedding down in NYC. And they are both just so much fun to be around! They are planning an elegant, sophisticated, but still very laid back wedding with TONS of time for about ideal clients!! And we just feel SO lucky to be there with them!

Shayna & Ross, we had the best time hanging out with you and playing on the beach. Thank you for being up for anything...and Shayna in four inch heels! You guys are beautiful. Your LOVE is beautiful! And we couldn't be more thankful for you both! We'll see you SOOOON!

So much love!

Mon. Jun 2, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Hillstead Museum Engagement Shoot: Lisa & TJ

Happy Monday!

And ohhh do we have some serious sort of pretty to start your week off right! We met up with our amazing couple, Lisa & TJ, this past weekend to shoot all around the absolutely stunning grounds of the beautiful Hillstead Museum. Lisa is actually the sister of one of our awesome past J&M brides, Anna, and the best friend of another, Marin. And she said even back then over six years ago that when she got married we would have to be her photographers. I crossed my fingers and hoped that it was true because we absolutely ADORE the whole Marini family!! Well, a few years later when Lisa met TJ & these two got engaged, we got the email last year that made it official that Lisa is now a J&M Bride! And now we are gearing up to shoot their BIG day later this month!

We met up early with these guys for the shoot and they had packed the most amazing picnic lunch for all of us. We sat under this big tree eating sandwiches and cheese and sipping wine. It was such an awesome start to the shoot! The weather had been calling for crazy thunderstorms, but we were so lucky (that's three shoots in a row where this has happened for whoever is counting! :) that the weather held off and instead it just gave us these amazing gray clouds and incredible light!

Lisa & TJ we had the BEST time hanging out with you guys & getting to know you for the amazing couple that you are! You two can work the camera like nobody's business! And we are counting the minutes until the wedding! We can't WAIT to see you again!

SO much love!

Mon. Apr 21, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

NYC Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot: Kristen & Andrew

When we were making the drive down to New York, I have to admit to being really nervous. We had planned to shoot with Kristen & Andrew in the cherry blossoms in Central Park (with the perfect dress to go with it!), but as we were making our way down through mile after mile in Connecticut....there was not a blossom to be seen. But I just kept on hoping, and sure enough, the second we pulled into the City there were pink blossoms everywhere!

We met up with these guys at The Bethesda Fountain and had the best time walking all along the tree-lined paths, through the Terrace, and over to The Bandshell. It was the perfect day for the shoot. It was just slightly chilly, but that just meant we had the park mostly to ourselves. And it gave Kristen & Andrew the chance to cuddle more! :) After the shoot we made our way over to the famous boathouse in Central Park for a glass of wine and some delicious Crumbs cupcakes that these guys brought for us (have I mentioned that J&M Brides are the BEST clients in the world?! We seriously could not ask for better couples!)

Kristen & Andrew we had such an amazing time getting to know you guys, hearing all about your incredible travels all over the world, and your very cool jobs (Kristen works at MTV!!) We cannot WAIT for the big day & thankfully we don't have to! It's coming up so fast and it will be here before we know it! And we just can't wait to be there and share it with you! Until then, here are some of our favorites from the shoot & an absolutely incredible day!

So much love,

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