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Fri. Aug 29, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Chesapeake Engagement Shoot: Lauren & Matt

Sat. Aug 23, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Yale Engagement: Amy & Sid

Happy Monday!

Today we are excited to share with you the engagement shoot of Amy & Sid! Oh these GUYS!! From the very first second they walked through our door, I absolutely fell in love with both of them. They just have such a way of putting everyone at ease and instantly making you feel like you've been best friends with them forever. They are the kind of people you want to hang out with as much as you can, and we are SO excited that we're going to get to again soon for their wedding later this month.

These guys are planning a FULL day wedding with two ceremonies, two First Looks, and two parties....which just makes sense, because these guys live every part of life so fully and with so much JOY that I can't imagine them doing anything halfway! Amy & Sid, we had the BEST time hanging out with you, sharing grapefruity drinks, coining new phrases, and bonding over our mutual love of truffle fries.

We can't WAIT to hug you again! For now, here are just a few of our favorites from our shoot!

Mon. Aug 11, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

NYC Engagement Shoot: Natalie & Brad

Happy Monday friends!!

Ohhhh do we have the perfect way to start your week!! As soon as Natalie & Brad hired us last year for their 2015 Branford House wedding, Natalie let us know that one of the things she was most looking forward to was the engagement shoot. She said she wanted to do something editorial, iconic, and outside of the norm. Natalie is actually an incredibly successful & talented interior designer (the kind with celebrities for clients!) so she has impeccable taste! And that was like music to our ears because we LOVE when our couples think outside of the box for their engagement shoots! We love when they get really dressed up and pick an incredible location because that just gets us so fired up & INSPIRED and it's really when we get our best work! Add to that, that we tend to get our best work when there's a) great architecture, b) a couple with an iconic, classic look, and c) amazing light for black & white images.... and this session was pretty much the perfect storm of our ideal shoot!

A little known fact about Justin & I is that when we're shooting, we tend to put our cameras in "monochrome" so that we can focus more on what the light is doing than distracting elements in the background (this comes in extra handy in the city). That mode shows you the image in black & white, but it also creates the color RAW file so you have the choice later. But after seeing all of these in black & white to begin with, I found myself one by one going through the RAW files of my faves and turning them back to black & white. Until what I ended up with was an ALL black & white blog post! And I have to be honest, I'm pretty much in love with that!!

We hope you enjoy!

Tue. Aug 5, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Sneak Peek: Natalie & Brad in NYC

Last night we hiked down to NYC for Natalie & Brad's engagement shoot all around the City. And it. was. glorious friends!

Can't wait to share more, but for now here's a little sneak peek!


Sun. Aug 3, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Jenny & Mike

These guys emailed us over a year ago to contact us about shooting their Maine wedding. They are good friends with one of our past J&M Couples, Ali & Jon, who also got married up in Maine and they wanted to see if we'd be willing to come back. Ummm, YEA we would! :) We absolutely love shooting in Maine: the backdrops are gorgeous, the people are always so nice, and the lobster is a definite bonus! :)

So since we're going to be going up there for the wedding, these two came down to New Haven for the engagement shoot to hang out, get some fun pictures, get Pepe's Pizza, and so their lab Phoebe could meet Cooper (who were best friends right away, obviously!) The day had started off super cloudy & gray, but as soon as we started shooting some golden light started peeking through and gave us gorgeous, soft light. And these guys just brought it (it, it's just what you bring!) They have such a great chemistry together and that made it SO easy!! I could have photographed them all night...and we pretty much did!

Jenny & Mike we had the absolute best time hanging out with you guys! You are funny & sweet & so, SO good together! We can't WAIT for the big day!

So much love

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