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Wed. Nov 19, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Chicago Wedding at Salvage One: Sheila & Jon

Happy Wednesday!

Today we have for you the absolutely gorgeous Chicago wedding of Sheila & Jon at Salvage One!

Salvage One is actually this very cool antique shop turned wedding venue, and one of the most amazing things about it is that because it is still an active store with new stuff coming in all the time....the decor is constantly changing! It's new every weekend! How fun is that?!

These two got married on an absolutely perfect day, and what made it the most special was how these two love. How they love each other, how they love their families, how they love everyone lucky enough to find their way into their world. This was one of those days that was oh so pretty, but so much more was a day that was beautiful. And that beauty pours right out of Sheila & Jon's hearts and beams out all around them. It fills the room until you can fill the light and the warmth on your face.

I loved how the girls laughed all morning long. I loved the tears that poured freely during the ceremony. I loved the hugs. And the group prayers. And the cupcakes. And how everybody, everybody was burning up the dance floor.

There is this thing that makes a wedding special and it is nothing that you can buy or hire or decorate. It comes from two truly good people starting a life together and two hearts like that being creates the kind of explosion of goodness that sends ripple effects and shock waves to everyone who feels it. And it reminds them to love a little more and hug a little tighter too.

That's why the world needs a love like this. And we're just the lucky ones who got to capture it that day.

Sheila & Jon, there are just no words for how much we LOVE the two of you! Yours is the kind of love that the world will always remember, We certainly will.

SO much love to both of you!

Mon. Nov 17, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Chicago Wedding at The Bedford: Nicole & Jeff

Happy Monday!

We are so excited to kick off this week with Nicole & Jeff's Chicago wedding at The Bedford! As you might remember from their engagement shoot, Nicole & I first met in law school when she was my Yale Law Women's Big Sister. She was a year ahead of me & really took me under her wing that first scary year of law school, not to mention getting me involved with the Yale Law Revue (not to be confused with the Yale Law Review, the school's journal)...this was more think Saturday Night Live, but with law jokes & skits about professors. It was amazing! And we bonded over our mutual love of doing the Weekend Report. She was & is the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey!

Fast forward a few years & when Nicole told us she was getting married in Chicago and we had to be the photographers, it was like life had come full circle! These guys got married on a beautiful Chicago fall day! They did the getting ready at their house, we did a First Look right outside and then we headed over to the Northwestern Law campus to shoot all around their gorgeous archways & ivy. The light was perfect, the temperature was perfect, and these two were perfect! :)

After that we headed off to the ceremony & then to The Bedford, which is this gorgeous old bank vault turned wedding venue, where we did some more photos of them & then got this party started! It was one of the most fun groups we've ever seen & even the kids were burning up the dance floor! One my favorite parts of the whole night was when Jeff surprised Nicole by singing a song to her while playing guitar. Everyone in the room was blown away & it was so clear in that moment that his heart is just for her!

Nicole & Jeff we love you guys & we are SO grateful we got to be there with you that day! We wish you a lifetime of slow dances, surprise songs, and laughs worthy of the Law Revue! :)

SO much love,

Mon. Oct 27, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Hopkins Vineyard Wedding: Heather & Mike

Happy Monday!

Today we are SO excited to share a wedding that was one of the biggest honors of our lives to get to photograph! Heather is not only a fellow photographer, but a dear friend, and someone who has been one of our biggest cheerleaders from the very beginning of our business. We got to meet Mike a few years later when the two started dating & from the very first time we met him, we just adored him (and them together) and we knew this was a forever kind of thing. So when the two of them asked us to be their photographers, we were SO happy and we knew even a year ago when they booked us that this was going to be the most amazing day!

And BOY were we right!! :)

From the absolutely STUNNING decor (Heather's mom did all of the incredible flowers amazing is that?!) to the beautiful bridesmaids (two of which are Heather's awesome sisters who surprised everyone & sang during the ceremony....LOVE those Colt girls!) to the gorgeous, SO in love couple to all of the amazing, emotional moments during the day (I definitely even lost it myself!) ....this was the kind of wedding that reminds us of why we do what we do, sets our hearts on fire, and makes us feel like the luckiest people on the planet that this is what we get to do for a job!

Heather & Mike, we LOVE you guys!! This was the BEST day ever! And we can't wait to hug you again soon!
SO SO much love!

Thu. Oct 23, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Sorrento, Maine Wedding: Jenny & Mike

We absolutely LOVE shooting on the gorgeous rocky coast of Maine!! The light, the beaches, the dramatic is a New England dream!! And Jenny & Mike's stunning day in Sorrento is the perfect example of that! All day there were threats of rain, but it all held off until it got dark, so we were able to shoot all along the coast with the most amazing light dipping in just below these incredible gray clouds! Add to that some of the cutest flower girls ever and mini lobster rolls as far as the eye could see, and we were in heaven! Enjoy!

Tue. Sep 30, 2014 by Mary    Weddings

Crystal Springs Resort Wedding: Amy & Sid

Amy & Sid had an incredible day, and like we said, it was basically like they had TWO weddings all in one!! The morning started off with the Hindu ceremony, with its own First Look, Ceremony, Portraits & Reception. And it was followed in the afternoon with the Western ceremony, with a second First Look, even more fun portraits, and a party that had every guest up and dancing all night long!

There was laughter and hugs and tears and joy. There was bright sun, downpours that always cleared just in time, and beautiful golden light. In short it was a full day. A day full of all the things that matter most. And we were just the ones lucky enough to be there to capture it.

Being at Amy & Sid's wedding actually traces back all the way to one of the first weddings that Justin & I ever shot together: Alana & Dan. Alana & Dan had a best man, Kartik who hired us when he was getting married. And at his wedding, one of his groomsmen was Manu. And when Manu's brother Sid was getting married to the love of his life in Amy...he told them we had to be there too! And the coolest part: Alana & Dan were at the wedding, so it all came full circle!!

Amy & Sid had their amazing day at the absolutely gorgeous Crystal Springs Resort, and with its rolling hills and stunning light it reminded me more of Virginia than New Jersey! We LOVED it there! Here are just a few of our faves from this incredible day! Enjoy!


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