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Wed. Nov 12, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Our Anniversary Shoot!

Good morning!

We are down in Charleston about to start our last Walk Through a Wedding workshop workshop of the YEAR with a full group who already seem amazing just from their emails alone! Today is going to be such a great day!

And SPEAKING of amazing, great things :) while we were down in Rome, Georgia a little while back for the Pursuit 31 Conference, I asked our friend Annamarie Akins if she would be willing to take a few quick anniversary photos of us since Justin & I were both there. I had been seeing all of Annamarie's incredible anniversary shoots that she had been doing all over Europe & I fell in love! Well this girl totally BLEW us away with how she responded! Not only did she take us out for a shoot, but a few minutes turned into over an hour and she ended up skipping the big twinkly light dinner at Pursuit just so she could love on us & give us this incredible gift!

Annamarie, we ADORE both them & you!! We will treasure these forever!

Because for us, it always started with love.

Mon. Nov 3, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

J&M's "Excellent" Halloween!!

When I told people that we were going to be Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for Halloween, they either said, "OMG, that's amazing!!" or....."What's that? Never heard of it." Ha! It was definitely one of the two of the two extremes!

Let me just start by saying that if you are one of the people who fall into the second group, then you HAVE to see this movie. It is an essential 80's rite of passage. If you skip this movie, you may as well just turn in your Kelly Kapowski jean jacket and Adventures in Babysitting rainbow colored scarf. Because you aren't legit until you can quote this movie by heart. It's on Netflix right now. Do yourself a favor & watch it tonight!

For those of you who HAVE seen it (and of course love it), then you will recognize some familiar characters. Our good friends Liz & Ryan helped us round out the cast with Bill, Ted, Abraham Lincoln & Napoleon!!

In addition to our cast though, we also had some pretty amazing other characters drop by our annual Halloween party! Like Tom Hanks & Wilson! :) (Kristin & Bill)

The Cat Burglars....we had to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't steal all the candy. (Chrissy & Justin)

LOL! "A Photographer's Worst Nightmare: Uncle Bob & Instagram Filters" (Alicia & Adam)

Annnnndd....Hawaiian Punch!! :) Amazing! (Joe Don)

"Four score minutes ago.....PARTY ON DUDES!!!"

Be Excellent to Each Other.

And can we just TALK about this phone booth?! Bill & Ted travel through time in it gathering up historical characters so they can pass their history final and go on to save humanity with their most triumphant music. I mean, obviously!

And Justin MADE this bad boy from scratch! We went to Home Depot and got all the wood & trim and he just.....put it together! Because he's amazing like that! And we used an umbrella to make the part on top that makes them travel through time!

The Whole Crew!

Happy Monday you guys!

Tue. Oct 28, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

J&M Halloween Through the Years

Happy Halloween week!!

It is NO secret that we take Halloween very seriously here in the Marantz household, and in fact it has become one of our favorite things to do together every year: coming up with our costume and putting on a party for all of our friends....AND the 500 or so trick or treaters we get every year!! We go all out with how we dress up and the candy we give out (it takes a LOT for that many trick or treaters!) and projecting scary movies in the front windows and decorating the house. We LOVE it!

As we are getting ready for our annual party and putting our costume together (it's going to be excellent just wait & see!), we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at all of our past costumes through the years!

The very first time we dressed up together (and knew that it was love!): the first version iPod, I was the earbuds.

2008: when we first became obsessed with The Office. I was "three hole punch" Jim, Cooper was Michael Scott, Justin was Dwight Schrute!

2009: that time we went all political when we were Cash 4 Clunkers

Oh and Cooper was....our British Racing Green Mini Cooper!

2010: an off year when our costumes didn't go together. I was Taylor Swift and Justin was Cigar Guy (Google it!)

2011: Back to our true roots (and a matching costume!) when Justin was a 4x5 Speed Graphic press camera (the flash actually fired!!) and I was a 1940s reporter

2012: The first party! Our friends definitely represented with that lamp from A Christmas Story, Mary Poppins, Where's Waldo & Wanda, The Couple from Up, and us as Princess Peach & Mario!!

2013: And of course, last year it got really serious with our rendition of the Wizard of Oz. Justin MADE his Tin Man costume in the basement with sheet metal and riveting equipment. It went kind of crazy on Pinterest!


Cooper as the Cowardly Lion! It lasted for about 30 seconds. Lauren was an amazing Scare Crow!

And the whole group! Katniss, Amelia Earhart, a Minion and the little girl from Despicable Me, the guys from the Hangover and Baby Carlos (amazing!), a Starbucks barista & her coffee, KJP & Catwoman, and one of the ladies from Downton Abbey!!

***Soooo....what are YOU guys planning on being this year? What is the favorite costume you've ever done?

Mon. Oct 13, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Our 7th Anniversary!!

Around this time seven years ago, I was getting my hair done when a bellman brought a grande Starbucks up to the suite where me & my (nine!) girls were getting ready. On the side, written in a familiar handwriting were the words "I love you a latte."

And right then, for the one millionth time, I was reminded of how I was- and continue to be- the luckiest girl on the planet.

See I started to type right there, "I was reminded of how I was making the best decision ever," but the truth is marrying Justin was never really a decision. At least no more than the earth decides to rotate around the sun or we decide to let gravity have a pull on us or two magnets decide to snap together with a force that makes it impossible to pull them apart.

The truth is, I was born to love this boy. As if it's coded in me, right down to my DNA.

Every part of me is happy just to be in his orbit. His is the kind of gravity that pulls you in and makes you feel rooted, but still lets you know what it is to fly. And the forces that snapped us together to begin with seven years ago, just get stronger over time. I'm pulled to him. Anchored to him, like a ship that's safe in the storm. And sometimes when we sit on the couch together and I press the side of my face against his, I get what the magnet was going through.

It's like you always want to know what it is to be just a little bit closer.

I know a love like ours is rare in this world. I get that. And I know that not everyone gets to have it. So that is why with every breath in me I am grateful. So, so, so grateful. And that makes me feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

With all the gravity and orbiting and forces greater than us that entails.

Here's to the first seven of seventy.

Love you more,

**After seeing my friend Katelyn's anniversary recap for her & Michael (theirs was on 10-10), I thought it would be fun to go back through some of our favorite photos from our wedding day! Photo credit goes to our own wedding photographer David Jay, second shooter Becker, and our friend Amanda who also grabbed some fun shots!

Fri. Oct 10, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Happy HAPPY birthday Justin!!!! You are the pumpkin to my spiced latte, the caramel to my apple, the color to my world. You are the tin man who stole my heart & October will always be the BEST month because it brought you to me. I can't wait to celebrate all day with you!

Love you more.

**Will you all join me in wishing Justin a VERY happy birthday!!! Leave him some love in the comments below!

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