Fri. Nov 14, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Friday Notes

Happy Friday!

We are finally back home & catching our breath after a couple of whirlwind weeks including not one, but TWO Walk Through a Weddings! Whew! It's been an amazing time, but we are definitely ready to sit and sip coffee, crank everything out, close out our season strong, and get ourselves ready to take most of December off (Amen!)

It feels like life has been moving warp speed fast, so I thought in the midst of all that I would get you caught up on what's new with us. Here are just a few random thoughts on life lately:

*We watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls in one month, starting it on October 1st and finishing just in time the morning of Halloween! We were mostly watching it while editing or getting other work done, so that totally makes it ok! :)
*Lately I'm obsessed with Justin's homemade egg, bacon mcmuffins and I could eat them every day.
*Speaking of which, Justin is definitely the chef in our family! I could find a way to burn water!
*A little while back we finally got around to pulling up the nasty carpet on our first floor stairs that has probably been there since 1882. We now have plans to refinish them ourselves and I'm hoping to blog pictures of that soon!
*Our guilty pleasure lately is definitely Nashville. Ohhh that SHOW! So. much. drama. But I totally wish I could be BFF's with Rayna James.
*Justin always gives me the window seat when we fly. That's how I know he loves me! :)
*Pumpkin Buttercream & Apple Cider are the Yankee Candles that are on repeat in our house lately. I burn them approximately 23 hours a day.
*I'm really itching to put out our Christmas decorations already, but we have a "Day After Thanksgiving" rule. When do you guys put up your decorations??
*We just discovered Postmodern Jukebox and we can't get enough!
*Deciding on what to wear for new head shots is the toughest thing ever. Actually, writing your about page is the toughest thing ever, but head shots are a close second!
*I have a mild obsession with those Pottery Barn lambswool/cable knit blankets and I wish I had one in every room!
*Phantom wine is my jam & I'll be really sad when it goes back out of season next month!
*Chicken & red pepper pizza from Pepe's. That is all.

Next week, we have SO much exciting stuff coming to the blog including not one but TWO Chicago weddings and several super exciting announcements. So definitely stay tuned. But in the mean time, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend filled with Yankee Candles, home projects & amazing tv! :)

Happy Friday!

Thu. Nov 13, 2014 by Mary    J&M Workshops

Charleston Walk Through Sneak Peek!

Whew! What a whirlwind, amazing trip this has been!

We only got into Charleston the day before yesterday & now we are already hopping a plane back home to meet up with some amazing friends who are coming to visit. But I can tell you that our 48 hours here have been some of the most fun, inspiring & happy times ever. We got to see dear friends who dropped everything to come help us put on Walk Through (more on that to come!) & meet 12 new amazing ones who showed up and gave 1000% and then some!!

And did I mention that we got to do the whole thing at this gorgeous old South Carolina plantation with even more gorgeous light?? And don't even get me started on that DRESS! Ahhh incredible!

We'll have the full recap coming soon, but for now here's just a little sneak peek of our last Walk Through of the year!

**And if you're interested in joining us at a Walk Through a Wedding workshop next year, just a heads up that we are down to our LAST spot for our April date & now February is filling up fast! If you want to grab your spot, head on over HERE & we hope to see you there!!

Wed. Nov 12, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Our Anniversary Shoot!

Good morning!

We are down in Charleston about to start our last Walk Through a Wedding workshop workshop of the YEAR with a full group who already seem amazing just from their emails alone! Today is going to be such a great day!

And SPEAKING of amazing, great things :) while we were down in Rome, Georgia a little while back for the Pursuit 31 Conference, I asked our friend Annamarie Akins if she would be willing to take a few quick anniversary photos of us since Justin & I were both there. I had been seeing all of Annamarie's incredible anniversary shoots that she had been doing all over Europe & I fell in love! Well this girl totally BLEW us away with how she responded! Not only did she take us out for a shoot, but a few minutes turned into over an hour and she ended up skipping the big twinkly light dinner at Pursuit just so she could love on us & give us this incredible gift!

Annamarie, we ADORE both them & you!! We will treasure these forever!

Because for us, it always started with love.

Tue. Nov 11, 2014 by Mary    J&M Workshops

The Walk Through a Wedding Video!!

Happy Tuesday!!

We've been up and at em since 4am this morning to hop a flight to Charleston, SC to put on our last Walk Through a Wedding of the year tomorrow!! And we're towing with us two giant suitcases FULL of vintage antiques, linens, and pretty pink & gold china....TSA is going to think we're CRAZY! And in some ways, we probably are! We were probably crazy to think that we would ever get to travel all over the country doing this photography thing and getting to teach other photographers. And it's pretty crazy that part of our job involves owning things like gold chargers, multiple wedding dresses, and uplighting! And it's definitely crazy to try to fit all of that into two suitcases under the weight limit (thank goodness for Delta Gold & our 70lb limit!) But you know what....the BEST things in life come from being just a little bit crazy. So here's to that!! :)

But before we took off, we wanted to share our Walk Through a Wedding video with you guys for anyone who hasn't gotten to see it yet! We are SO thankful to the amazing Jeremy White for putting this together for us, and it's such a great way to get a feel of what a Walk Through looks like and the "Why" behind why we do this workshop! We're SO thankful that we have this video to remind us of this crazy amazing season in our lives!

***And just a quick reminder that our $250 off special ENDS TONIGHT at midnight for our 2015 Walk Through a Wedding dates! With our two-part payment plan, that means you can reserve your spot to either one of the two Walk Through dates for just a $625 first payment when you sign up TODAY!! We've been absolutely blown away by the response we've gotten to both of these workshop & April is nearly FULL! So definitely don't miss out! We'll see you there!

Justin & Mary . Walk Through a Wedding from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Sat. Nov 8, 2014 by Mary    J&M Workshops

2015 Walk Through Dates are NOW Open!!

Happy Monday you guys!!

Today is such a FUN day for two big reasons!

First off, seats to our first two workshop dates of 2015, along with our brand spankin' new Walk Through a Wedding website officially went LIVE to our newsletter community last night!! We worked over the weekend getting the new website ready & I just have to say that I LOVE it! And I am SO grateful for a super patient husband (brand building is definitely a marriage strengthening activity! :) and for Showit which makes it even possible to build an entire website in a day! I mean seriously, that's pretty amazing that we have the tools & technology like that available to us!! (PS: Just to be clear, we don't get anything for saying that, these are just the words of a very happy & grateful customer!) So definitely go check out the new site and our Walk Through a Wedding video that's on there too!

And second, the seats to our first two Walk Through a Wedding workshop dates of 2015 are NOW open!! Like I said, we opened them up first to our newsletter last night so a bunch of them are gone already (be sure to sign up at the bottom of this post if you haven't yet, so you are always the first in the know!) But something that we announced over there is that for the next two days, through midnight Tuesday, we are doing $250 off the seat (Early Bird is normally just $150 off) which means that with our two payment plan you can lock in your seat TODAY for just $625!!

And that seat will get you two very FULL days of teaching (with over 20 hours of content!) that covers both everything that goes into actually shooting a wedding day (lighting in every tough situation, authentic posing, time crunches, bridal parties, family photos, night shots & more) and then on Day 2 everything that goes into the business side of things (branding, marketing, creating systems & workflow, post processing. portfolio reviews & more). It is basically like a one stop bootcamp for everything you need to know to run a successful wedding photography business! We've been teaching this workshop for five years now & we've gotten the chance to teach it ALL over the country and even the world (Germany, London, Australia!) and it is pretty much everything that it has taken us 8 years as full time photographers to learn the hard way....all of which we give to you guys over these two days!

And for our 2015 workshops we wanted to "plus one" them even more, so that we are always looking for ways to make them more of an experience & so you get even more out of them! So for all of next year's workshop, we will kick off everything the night before with an amazing, styled candlelit welcome dinner at our house so that YOU guys get to be the guests for once! And then we are also adding a second styled shoot on Day 2 so that we can talk more about shooting for your brand, working with vendors & getting published! And then we end the whole thing with a surprise send off at the end of Day 2! It's going to be awesome!!

***So if you have been planning on attending a Walk Through in 2015, the next two days is definitely the time to do it! And they have been going really fast so I don't know if they'll even make it that long! To grab your seat to either the Feb 11-12th or April 8-9th dates, just click over to the new website for all the info you'll need!

And finally, we wanted to recap our most recent Walk Through a Wedding workshop that took place last week here in CT, so we can not just tell you what all the workshop includes but actually SHOW you some of the fun! The whole day starts off at our house where we walk through the lecture portion/overall view of how we approach the day and then we jump right into shooting the getting ready, including the "Iconic Bridal Portrait" and guys getting ready!

Right around that time, we break for lunch from some of our favorite places around New Haven!

The two days are chocked full of surprises & attendee gifts like our calligraphy Walk Through a Wedding notebooks & bags full of Godiva truffles!

One of my favorite parts about Walk Through are all of the amazing friendships that come out of it! We still have people tell us that they met some of their best friends in the industry at a Walk Through!

After lunch we head into the couple portraits & bridal party portraits part of the day, where we talk step by step through about exactly what we say to our couples to get those organic, authentic poses, how we manage a larger bridal party, and what to do if you have to shoot in harsh light!

Love these two!

Then we make time for free shooting so everyone has a chance to shoot our couple, the bridesmaids & those killer details and to put into practice what we just talked about!

After all the natural light is gone, we head inside to talk about the tougher situations that arise on a wedding day! I really love this about Walk Through! It's not just about the pretty (although there is a ton of that!) It's about making it work, no matter the situation you're in! So we talk about shooting in a dark church, what happens when all the portraits have to happen inside, getting through the family photos quickly (and our "family photo football" that can get them done in 15 minutes or less!), and shooting receptions in a "crappy ballroom with terrible light!"

We talk about nailing the processional shots every time!

Whoo hoo! We got to be part of the family photo this time!

And then we move on to shooting those reception details & how to light them to feel natural!

highlight, shadow. highlight, shadow. highlight, shadow.

How AMAZING is this cake?!

We talk about shooting the First Dance....

....and the toasts!! And we also talk about a trick we do that changed EVERYTHING for us in shooting the end of the night dancing! And then we end the night with night shots & sparklers!

One tired, but HAPPY group!!

As always, there is NO way we could put on these workshops without some very key people!

First off, a HUGE thank you to Justin who not only teaches all day both days, but also takes on all of the organizing for food both days and making sure everyone is taken care of! One of my favorite things ever about this husband of mine is his ability to seek people out, make sure they are taken care of & make them feel welcome & perfectly at home! He has such an amazing servant's heart!

Second, the hands down best thing that ever happened to us with Walk Through was when the incredible Stacie & Erica from Stacie Shea Events agreed to be our full time planners for every Walk Through we do. Not only do they put together the most beautiful details (I mean seriously did you see that table?!), but they just make sure every little thing is taken care of, runs smoothly, and comes off without a hitch. We don't have to worry about ANYTHING, but showing up and teaching and that has been the biggest blessing to us! We LOVE you guys S&E!!!

And finally, at every Walk Through we are SO lucky to have so many amazing creatives give of their time & their talent to do what they are SO darn good at! Every time we show up & see the set ups I am just more & more blown away! And we're just so, so thankful for it! For this workshop in particular we want to thank the following people for absolutely knocking it out of the park!!

Styling & Planning: Stacie Shea Events
Venue: The Lounsbury House
Florals: Truffles and James (how beautiful were those flowers??
Paper: Paper Moss
Cake: Erica O'Brien Cakes
Dresses: A Little Something White
Make up: Simply Gorgeous by Erin (how incredible did the models look? Erin is amazing!!)
Hair: the wonderful Adriana from The Beauty Bar
Linens: La Tavola
Rentals: Smith Party Rentals
Bride & Groom models: Andrea DiLieto & Christian
Bridesmaids: Rachel & Olivia

We have ONE more sold out Walk Through this year & we are flying out to Charleston, SC tomorrow for that! But we would LOVE to have you guys join us in 2015!! Click HERE to head on over to the Walk Through website & sign up!

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