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J&M The Newsletter!!

Our latest newsletter is about to go out all about "5 Tips for More Natural Poses"!! To be sure to get all of our FREE J&M newsletters packed full of tips & inspiration, be sure to get signed up by clicking on the "receive our email newsletter" at the bottom of this post!

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NYC Central Park Wedding: Liz & Tamer

Liz & Tamer and ten of their closest friends & family gathered together this past Thursday for an incredible elopement style wedding in New York City. Liz and her mom got ready with just the two of them together in her Excelsior Hotel suite, as Tamer and his brother were just a few floors away doing the same thing. Liz's mom helped her with her pearl necklace and adjusted her veil. And then the two of them hopped in a limo bound for the absolutely stunning Riverside Church, but not before saying one more prayer together in the car.

When Liz walked down the aisle on her mom's arm, Tamer stood at the front absolutely beaming. Of course he did, he was looking at the love of his life. The two of them vowed their vows and promised their promises, and when they came back down the aisle... the happy tears flowed without stopping.

Outside the church, a classic NYC checker cab was waiting. And after a few portraits with it, we were off to Central Park where their own personal violinist was waiting to play their first dance in the Bethesda Terrace. It was amazing! Then we took our time taking portraits all around the best parts of the Park: the Bethesda Fountain, the Bow Bridge, and we finished up with a gondola ride at the Boathouse. It was the perfect New York day!

Liz & Tamer we just can't thank you enough for loving like you do. For loving each other and being just so happy together. And for loving everyone around with that same kind of warmth and welcoming. This was our first time meeting in person, but we felt like we had known you for years. You are people that we now consider friends. Thank you for sharing real life with us. And the start of a lifetime of amazing adventures. Thank you for trusting us completely and giving us the time we needed to create art. Thank you for never once rushing and for always being in the moment. And for making the pictures a priority. We were able to get some of our most favorite pictures EVER because of that...and we can't thank you enough. We will remember our day together in NYC forever. And my hope is that you love always just like you did that day: fully, completely, with your whole heart, and with the kind of love they should make movies about. Preferably, set in Central Park! :)

So much love,

Mon. Jun 23, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

J&M: The Anniversaries

One of the things that Justin & I have been so lucky to do in our business, is to take on a limited number of anniversary sessions each year for couples all over the place. Through our "J&M: The Anniversaries" shoots we've been able to shoot in London, NYC, Nantucket, Virginia, Annapolis, and right in our own backyard! We've been able to shoot such beautiful couples who just really get into the shoot and go all out in everything from the outfits that they wear to the locations that they pick. It's been SO much fun!

But even more than that, Justin & I just have a heart for couples and marriage. We love to take wedding pictures that couples can look at five, ten or twenty years in to remind them of where it all started and bring them back to Day 1. But something that Justin & I learned when we did our own anniversary shoot with the amazing Jose Villa two years back and the incredible Tiffany Farley last year, is that there is something really powerful about getting back in front of the camera. Of having an evening to just hold on to each other. To look each other in the eyes. To walk and kiss. To not just take pictures on the wedding day, but every year. Because every year you hold on to someone, it's that much more beautiful. It's that much further that you've come. And it's a love that is deeper than you could have ever predicted when you were just starting out on Day 1. Yes, let's have more pictures to remind us of THAT!

Like I said, just with our crazy schedules and already having a full wedding calendar, we're only able to take on a limited number of these shoots each year (I SO wish we could say yes to everyone who comes to us!) So to help with that demand, we are raising the price of the anniversary shoots to $1500 starting at the end of this week. But because we do have such a heart for these shoots & marriage in general, what we decided to do to give everyone a heads up is reserve five spots at our current price of $750 that people can grab before the price changes at the end of the week. So if you've been meaning to book an anniversary shoot with us, now is definitely the time!

To reserve one of the five spots, just click the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this post. Price covers the session fee & images. Additional travel fees may apply depending on where we do the shoot!

Fri. Jun 20, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Happy Birthday Cooper boy!!

It is SO hard to believe but our boy turns 9 years old today! We got him as a puppy so we've had him nearly that long & I just can't imagine what life would be like without him. Far less happy, with much less laughing, far fewer dog kisses, and one less fluffy shoulder to cry on, that's for sure!

The first day we brought him home, we drove to Watch Hill, RI and got almond joy ice cream at the carousel. The summer crowd was there, so there were TONS of people and every last one of them instantly fell in love with Cooper. He got so much love & so many pats on the head that he got all tuckered out & fell asleep on my lap with his tongue hanging out! Sweet boy!

Two nights ago we drove back out to Watch Hill & Cooper got ice cream again. We walked him around the park and again everyone stopped to say hi and tell him how handsome he is (we agree!). I can't believe how much time has passed and all that has happened since then. But I'm just SO grateful that Coop has been with us every step of the way. Here's to many, many more years (and dog kisses) together buddy! We LOVE you!

And to celebrate, here are some of our favorite Cooper pictures over the years!

Happy Friday friends!

Thu. Jun 19, 2014 by Mary    Pancake Sessions

The J&M Wedding Experience: Pictures in Silver Frames

***If you are a client & you are reading this, STOP reading now! :) Close the blog, walk away, do not Pass Go! :) We want you to be surprised!

One of the things that we talk about in The Guide is the J&M Wedding Experience that we create for our couples as part of our marketing (and how we would MUCH rather spend money spoiling our clients than on prints ads or bridal shows that never had the same kind of return anyway!) We do a series of gifts from the first meeting to the holidays after the wedding that we outline start to finish in The Guide. But one of the new things that we've added to the line up, is one that we're super excited about not just for the wow factor, but more importantly for The Why.

In our workshops, when we're talking about our "Why" for why we do what we do, we show this picture below of my grandparents sixty years into marriage holding a wedding picture in a silver frame of them on Day 1. We talk about how this work that we all do is such an honorable calling because by its very nature it is work that will live on long after we're gone, and it is work that provides proof to the world that a love existed in the first place. And in respect of that honor, we have to make sure that the work that we're creating is timeless and enduring enough to still be beautiful & relevant sixty years from now. To ensure that it is not just pretty, but that it tells a powerful story of who these two people were when they started a life together.

So that's why the latest gift that we do is so powerful for us. If we want to be the ones to create images that will end up in a silver frame on someone's mantel for the next sixty years....what if we were also the ones to give them the frame? So now at the end of the night at weddings, we bring with us an 8x10 Restoration Hardware silver frame and we print a wedding picture from that day on site! We're using this very portable & easy to set up Canon printer and the whole thing takes about ten minutes to do!

And the best part is how surprised they are to already have their first wedding picture & how all of the guests and bridesmaids love it so much too! It's tangible, remarkable, Purple Cow, and most's something we know that they can keep forever!

And if you are looking for some more help with your marketing & getting your name out there like wildfire, we are super excited to be partnering with Shoot Dot Edit & WPPI to bring you a webinar on July 2nd all about 10 Simple Things you can do right NOW to book more weddings! This will be completely FREE to watch and we are also going to be giving away a ton of prizes to the LIVE audience, so be sure to mark your calendars & tune in at 1pm EST. You can find all the info & get registered by going HERE!!

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