Thu. Oct 16, 2014 by Mary    Portraits

Maine Styled Shoot

Over the summer we had the absolute honor of working on this *dream* of a styled shoot on a sailboat in Maine with an incredible line up of creatives led by the amazing Sarah Goodwin of Daisies & Pearls! And today we are so excited to finally get to share it with you!!

But first, absolutely NONE of this would have been possible without the creative genius of these amazing people:

Coordination, Styling & Design: Sarah Goodwin of Daisies & Pearls Merrymaking
Vessel: The Cutter Owl
Floral Design: Marianmade Farm
Dessert: The Winey Baker
Hair & Make Up: Ariel Johnson
Paper Suite: Shannon Kirsten Illustration
Dress: Andrea's Bridal
Models: Sarah & Jake

Wed. Oct 15, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Guest Post on Lace and Loyalty: You Wash, I'll Dry

**Recently we had the HUGE honor of being asked by our friends at Lace and Loyalty (a beautiful wedding blog with a focus on building strong marriages) to write a guest post on our own marriage & what we've learned. Well today it went live and we would LOVE for you to head on over & read it. I've included a little excerpt below, but to see the full post be sure to click HERE.

"If you were to go to our website right now or sit down across from us in a cafe, with your hands holding a steaming cup of coffee, and set out to get to know us better… here is what I would tell you. There is a part on our about page, a mere couple of paragraphs at best, that essentially sums up who we are and who we always hope to be in our marriage. It says:

“He picks up our new Crate & Barrel Rococo stripe dish towel and snaps it lovingly in the general direction of my backside. My posterior. Derriere if you prefer.
You wash, and I’ll dry.

But ever since the “You wash, I’ll dry” line made it into first our about page, then our promo video, and then into the talks we’ve been giving at photo conferences all over the world, we have had more than our share of skeptics.

We’ve had people ask us, “I mean seriously, don’t you two have a dishwasher yet?” (Funny enough, we actually don’t. But it’s on our wish list when we do our new kitchen!).

And we’ve had people say, “I mean honestly, do you really expect us to believe that you guys actually LIKE doing dishes that much?”
To which I always say: you’re missing the point.

“You wash, I’ll dry” isn’t at all about suddenly loving all the hard and not so fun things in life simply because you’re married. It’s about how when you take on the tough things together (both the real and the metaphorical dirty dishes here), hard times somehow feel cut in half. And the joyful ones are doubled. It’s about how four hands can build a lot more together than two can alone. And it’s about being a helpmate to each other, even when the thing you’re facing isn’t so fun.

But most of all, “You wash, I’ll dry” is about always being on the same team."

To read the rest of the post & what we've learned about being on the same team, head on over HERE to read the rest of the article on the Lace and Loyalty blog!

Tue. Oct 14, 2014 by Mary    J&M Mentoring Sessions

Announcing the What's Next Sessions!!

One of the things that we have come to love the most about the teaching side of our business is that we have gotten the chance (and honestly the complete honor) to see other photographers really grow and reach new level after new level over the past few years. I think what's been one of the coolest things about all of this is that people are very rarely ever just doing one thing with us (which we know as teachers is one of the absolute highest compliments we could ever get & we're SO grateful for that). They might start with a lighting workshop, but then they are coming back for a mentoring session or to attend a Walk Through. And a lot of times, we're seeing people even come back and take a lighting intensive again or to do a second repeat of Walk Through. Because what happens is that they are taking away something different from it each time they do it, and both of those workshops just have SO much information in them that they can really grow with people over time as they are reaching different levels in their photography & businesses. So what that means, is that we might have first met some of these photographers four or five years ago when they were first getting started, but we have gotten the chance to keep track with them and watch their businesses absolutely explode over time. It has been amazing to watch! And honestly, it makes those six & twelve hour days at the workshops SO worth it!

So that got us thinking that it would be so awesome to have a type of session devoted just to those alums who are ready to take it (whatever "it" might be for them at the moment!) to the next level! A type of one hour power session they could do with us for a focused, intense brainstorming session on whatever their next BIG What's Next is for them, whether that be something with their business, brand, lighting, pricing, positioning, teaching, going full time, bringing on associates, starting a second business, or whatever crazy, amazing things they are dreaming up next! This would be a session that can be done over Skype, so they don't have to travel to CT again and can be very specific to whatever level they are ready to work on next! And with that, the "What's Next Sessions" were born!

**The What's Next Sessions will be $350 for a one-hour power mentoring session done over Skype (or can be in person if you're local!) and can be about whatever specific, unique to you & where you are topics that you want! These sessions are limited to our J&M alums, and you must have done a prior workshop or mentoring session with us to be eligible. We are going to start by opening up six sessions for the rest of the year & to be one of the first six click HERE to reserve your spot!!

And speaking of power alums, our two most recent mentoring sessions were ones we got to do with photographers we have been SO lucky to watch do amazing things the past few years! Kerri first came to a J&M Lighting Intensive and then the What's Next One Day Getaway we did last winter, and I can tell you this girl is ready to set the world on fire! I LOVED the things that were on her heart at her session, and I can already tell that so many people's lives are going to be impacted by the work she is doing! And Amy has taken two Lighting Intensives with us and is now traveling the world shooting for Richard Branson! We obviously don't take credit for that :) but I know that whatever he throws at her, this girl is definitely going to know how to light it! When we sat down with her, she told us about some HUGE big, hairy audacious dreams for where she wants this business of hers to go. And so we went to work, together, and came up with ten next steps to get her there. So much about chasing a big scary dream is about putting it into actionable next steps....and we LOVE helping people do just that!

If you have a big, scary dream that you are tired of waiting on, we would love to be the ones to give you that next BIG healthy shove into action!

Let's do this,

Mon. Oct 13, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Our 7th Anniversary!!

Around this time seven years ago, I was getting my hair done when a bellman brought a grande Starbucks up to the suite where me & my (nine!) girls were getting ready. On the side, written in a familiar handwriting were the words "I love you a latte."

And right then, for the one millionth time, I was reminded of how I was- and continue to be- the luckiest girl on the planet.

See I started to type right there, "I was reminded of how I was making the best decision ever," but the truth is marrying Justin was never really a decision. At least no more than the earth decides to rotate around the sun or we decide to let gravity have a pull on us or two magnets decide to snap together with a force that makes it impossible to pull them apart.

The truth is, I was born to love this boy. As if it's coded in me, right down to my DNA.

Every part of me is happy just to be in his orbit. His is the kind of gravity that pulls you in and makes you feel rooted, but still lets you know what it is to fly. And the forces that snapped us together to begin with seven years ago, just get stronger over time. I'm pulled to him. Anchored to him, like a ship that's safe in the storm. And sometimes when we sit on the couch together and I press the side of my face against his, I get what the magnet was going through.

It's like you always want to know what it is to be just a little bit closer.

I know a love like ours is rare in this world. I get that. And I know that not everyone gets to have it. So that is why with every breath in me I am grateful. So, so, so grateful. And that makes me feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

With all the gravity and orbiting and forces greater than us that entails.

Here's to the first seven of seventy.

Love you more,

**After seeing my friend Katelyn's anniversary recap for her & Michael (theirs was on 10-10), I thought it would be fun to go back through some of our favorite photos from our wedding day! Photo credit goes to our own wedding photographer David Jay, second shooter Becker, and our friend Amanda who also grabbed some fun shots!

Fri. Oct 10, 2014 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Happy HAPPY birthday Justin!!!! You are the pumpkin to my spiced latte, the caramel to my apple, the color to my world. You are the tin man who stole my heart & October will always be the BEST month because it brought you to me. I can't wait to celebrate all day with you!

Love you more.

**Will you all join me in wishing Justin a VERY happy birthday!!! Leave him some love in the comments below!

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